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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
2863 2012-06-23 2 N.N. stowaways, died of asphyxiation and heat inside a truck on Greece to Ancona (I) ferry Afghanistan PICUM/Infomob/FE/LR Italy
2862 2012-06-19 6 N.N. missing, reportedly drowned, small boat sailing from North Africa capsized off Leuca coast(I) unknown PICUM/LRB/FE/Infomob Italy http://no-border.nl/b4p-testimony-abbas-saton-sole-survivor-56-migrant-boat-tragedy/
2977 Jun 2012 55 N.N. Died in attempt to reach Italy (I) from Tripoli (LY), Abbas (25, Eritrea) was only survivor Somalia/ Sudan/ Eritrea NOB/ B4P/ GuardianUN/ MaltaToday Italy
2821 2012-05-26 20 N.N. drowned, after an inflatable dinghy on way to Italy started to deflate off the coast of Lybia unknown Migreurop/LRP Libya
2930 2012-05-25 10 N.N. at least 10 people missing after dinghy from Libya to Italy capsized in the Sicilian Channel Somalia LR/Fe Italy
2931 2012-05-25 1 N.N. (±30, man) body in advanced state of decomposition washed ashore off Lampione Island (I) Sub-Saharan Africa FE/ANSA Italy
2819 2012-05-19 5 N.N. drowned, after boat of 43 migrants sank off the coast of Mayotte (F) Anjouan Island, Comoros Le Monde/AFP/Migreurop France
2820 2012-05-19 15 N.N. missing, after boat of 43 migrants sank off the coast of Mayotte (F) Anjouan Island, Comoros Le Monde/AFP/Migreurop France
2824 2012-05-02 1 N.N. (16, boy) stowaway, suffocated in a truck into which he had hidden to avoid the border police checks Afghanistan Migreurop/PICUM/AdnK/MP Italy http://www.unhcr.org/4fa8e9746.html
2822 2012-05-01 7 N.N. died in a boat during a week-long voyage from LY to Malta, boat came ashore at Riviera Bay Somalia UNHCR Malta
2826 2012-04-29 2 N.N. died in car accident while trying to escape a FRONTEX control unknown Migreurop/KTG/TF1/PICUM/Clandestina/Age/Skai/Ta Nea/ERT Greece
2823 2012-04-28 1 N.N. (boy) drowned, after being thrown off a boat of 80 by smugglers when a patrol boat approached Egypt Migreurop/LRP Italy http://picum.org/en/news/bulletins/35812/
3142 2014-03-09 1 N.N. (man) Died, after being stabbed to death on the motorway outside Calais Albania CMSWordpress France http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/two-deportees-feared-dead-after-3187210
3018 2014-02-26 2 N.N. (men) Missing, reportedly drowned after jumping off north sea ferry when being deported from UK Albania Mirror/ BBC GB http://thecaravan.org/node/4034
3007 2014-02-20 1 Kahve Pouryazdan (49, man) Suicide, set himself on fire, after 10 years of asylum seeker in Germany Iran Karawane Germany http://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/toter-asylbewerber-zeitz-todesursache-ermittelt100_zc-a2551f81_zs-ae30b3e4.html
3008 2014-02-15 1 N.N. (23, man) Suicide, jumped from window of ayslum seeker centre India MZ/ MDR/ FR-S Germany http://www.mdr.de/sachsen/chemnitz/obduktionsergebnis100.html
3011 2014-02-14 1 Ahmed J. (43, man) Died of pulmonary embolism, after security quard refused to call an ambulance Libya MDR/ MZ/ ProAsyl Germany http://beatingborders.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/dozens-of-migrants-murdered-by-spanish-and-moroccan-police-in-attempts-to-cross-border-in-early-february-but-over-200-enter-in-recent-days/
3010 2014-02-06 17 N.N. Died, trying to reach Spanish enclave, Spanish/Moroccan police shot them with rubber bullets Africa BB/ FFM/ Reuters/ Telegraph/ VK/ SP/ ECRE Morocco http://www.fr-online.de/panorama/hamburg-eimsbuettel-fluechtlinge-sterben-bei-hausbrand,1472782,26103374.html
3012 2014-02-05 3 N.N. (33, mother, 6 and 7 child) Died, mother and her two children, in a fire in their asylum home Pakistan Karawane/ FR/ Tagesspiegel/ Hamburger Abendblatt/ MNS Germany http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/minor-killed-by-a-truck/
3075 2014-01-30 1 N.N. (17, boy) Stowaway, died from fell from truck whilst trying to cross the border into the UK Iran CMSWordpress France http://www.todayszaman.com/news-337480-one-dead-seven-missing-as-boat-capsizes-near-kusadasi.html
3005 2014-01-24 1 N.N. Drowned, after boat capsized near Kusadasi, 11 passengers saved, 7 others missing unknown TodZam/ Xinhua Turkey http://www.todayszaman.com/news-337480-one-dead-seven-missing-as-boat-capsizes-near-kusadasi.html
3006 2014-01-24 7 N.N. Missing, reportedly drowned, after boat capsized near Kusadasi, 11 passengers saved unknown TodZam/ Xinhua Turkey http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2014/01/22/greek-coast-guard-drowned-refugees-near-farmakonisi-during-push-back-attempt/
3013 2014-01-21 2 N.N. (mother and child) Drowned, during push back by Greek coast guard their boat capsized, 10 others missing unknown ProAsyl/ ECRE/ Infomobile/ Euronews/Xinhua Greece http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2014/01/22/greek-coast-guard-drowned-refugees-near-farmakonisi-during-push-back-attempt/
3014 2014-01-21 10 N.N. (2 women, 8 children) Missing, reprtedly drowned, during push back by Greek coast guard their boat capsized Afghanistan/ Syria ProAsyl/ ECRE/ Infomobile/ Euronews/Xinhua Greece http://www.expatica.ru/news/local_news/sudanese-migrant-freezes-to-death-in-illegal-eu-russia-crossing_282878.html
3019 2014-01-16 1 N.N. (54, man) Frozen to death, during river crossing of EU-Russia border Sudan EXP/ EUbusiness/ GP Estonia http://lesvos.w2eu.net/2013/01/14/three-migrants-found-dead-at-the-coast-of-chios/
3004 2014-01-13 3 N.N. (men) Drowned, bodies found on different beaches on the island Chios unknown W2EU/ Greekreporter/ Newsit Greece http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/news/2013_12_21/Young-Iranian-immigrant-burns-himself-to-death-in-Athens-1239/
3215 2013-12-21 1 N.N. (28, man) Suicide, by self-immolation at a crossroads in central Athens (GR), he died on way to hospital Iran MNS/ Voice of Russia Greece http://www.adnkronos.com/IGN/Aki/English/Security/Turkey-Three-migrants-drown-when-boat-sinks-four-missing_32968294522.html
4076 2015-10-24 1 N.N. (boy, 2) missing after falling into the sea while travelling to Greece Afghanistan AFP/KI
4077 2015-10-22 1 Ahmed Hassan (boy, 15) murdered in racist assault at school in Trollhattan (SE), another student from Syria injured Somalia Mail Online
4078 2015-10-16 1 N.N. (boy, 17) hit by freight train passing through Coquelles near Port of Calais (FR) unknown Parisien/Lacote/MNS
4079 2015-10-15 1 N.N. shot dead by border police in Sredets (BG) near Turkish-Bulgarian border Afghanistan Reu./Novinite/VOA
4080 2015-10-15 1 N.N. hit by car on A16 highway near the Channel Tunnel in Calais (FR) while trying to reach Great Britain Syria AFP/Ya.N
4081 2015-10-15 1 Mohamed Januzi (boy, 4) murdered after being kidnapped from migrant registration centre in Berlin (DE) Bosnia AFP/Local.de/Mail Online/Bild
4082 2015-10-15 1 N.N. (boy, 17) hit by freight train near the Channel Tunnel in Calais (FR) while trying to reach Great Britain Afghanistan Parisien/Lacote
4083 2015-10-15 1 N.N. (woman) died on way from Turkey to Lesbos (GR), forced on boat after having heart attack Iraq PRI
4084 2015-10-14 1 Mohammed Akram (man, 22) stowaway, hit by van and then car on M20 highway in Kent (GB) Afghanistan Mail Online/KM
4085 2015-10-14 1 N.N. (woman, ±30) hit by car on A16 highway in Calais (FR) while trying to reach Great Britain Syria VoixDuNord/Passeurs d’hospitalités
4086 2015-10-10 1 N.N. (boy, 16) murdered by Taliban after he and brother were sent back to Afghanistan from Denmark Afghanistan Vivre
4087 2015-10-09 1 N.N. (boy, 1) died on sinking boat near Lesbos (GR) Syria AFP/AlArabia
4088 2015-10-09 1 Olivier (man) died when raft capsized near the Spanish enclave of Ceuta (ES) due to brutal navy intervention Cameroon CadSER/GADEM
4089 2015-10-09 1 Giorgio (man) died when raft capsized near the Spanish enclave of Ceuta (ES) due to brutal navy intervention Guinea CadSER/GADEM
4090 1 N.N. (man, ±20) hit by truck near the Channel Tunnel trying to get from France to Great Britain Eritrea MNS
4091 1 N.N. hit by car in Calais (FR), was dragged down the highway Afghanistan MNS
4092 60 N.N. died when boat sank in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Lesbos (GR) unknown PRIME
4093 1 N.N. (child) died on way from Turkey to Lesbos (GR) unknown VK
4094 13 N.N. (2 children) 3 drowned when boat from Turkey to Greece hit rocks, 10 missing, 45 rescued unknown Imkander
4095 1 N.N. drowned when boat from Cesme (TR) to Chios (GR) sank at Kara Mahmut Cape, 43 rescued Syria Imkander
4096 42 N.N. (12 children) 19 drowned when boat sank west of Kardak (TR), 23 missing, 138 rescued unknown Imkander
4097 2 N.N. (1 baby) missing after boat from Tasburun Bay (TR) capsized near Didim (TR), 93 rescued unknown Imkander
4098 70 N.N. 40 bodies found dead, washed ashore in Zliten, Tripoli and Khoms (LB), 30 missing Sub-Saharan Africa Imkander/SBS
4099 2015-09-30 1 N.N. (man, ±20) found dead after being hit by shuttle train near the Channel Tunnel in Coquelles, Calais (FR) Eritrea 20Mf/AFP/Passeurs d’hospitalités/Mirror
4100 2015-09-29 1 N.N. (man, 20) stowaway, crushed under pallets in back of truck heading for Great Britain near Port of Calais (FR) Iraq Francetvinfo/France3/Passeurs d’hospitalités/AFP
4101 2015-09-27 17 N.N. (5 children) drowned when boat sank near Bodrum (TR) on way to Kos (GR), 20 rescued unknown HurriyetDN/DHA/Independent/BBC/Reu.
4102 2015-09-24 1 N.N. (boy) hit by freight train near the Channel Tunnel in Calais (FR) while trying to reach Great Britain Africa Ouest-France/NordLittoral/PassH/AFP
4103 2015-09-20 13 N.N. (4 children) died after dinghy collided with ferry near port of Canakkale (TR) on way to Lesbos (GR) unknown BBC
4104 2015-09-20 24 N.N. missing after boat sank off Lesbos (GR), 12 survivors unknown AFP
4105 2015-09-20 1 N.N. (man) found dead near Port of Calais (FR) after trying to swim to ferry Morocco VoixDuNord/Passeurs d’hospitalités
4106 2015-09-20 1 N.N. (girl, 7) died when boat to Greece sank in the Aegean Sea unknown AFP
4107 2015-09-19 1 N.N. (girl, 5) died when boat to Greece sank in the Aegean Sea Syria AFP/Irish Times/Reu./Independent/AP
4108 2015-09-19 13 N.N. missing after boat sank off Lesbos (GR), 12 survivors Syria Independent/Reu./AP/Irish Times
4109 2015-09-19 1 N.N. (woman) found dead on boat off coast of Libya, 4500 rescued Africa MNS
4110 2015-09-18 7 N.N. (1 child) died when boat to Europe sank off coast of Libya unknown Euronews
4111 2015-09-18 1 Abdel Kader Hanna (man, ±30) electrocuted on top of freight train to Great Britain in the Channel Tunnel, Calais (FR) Syria BBC/France3/Passeurs d’hospitalités
4112 2015-09-17 1 N.N. electrocuted while trying to jump on roof of train in the Channel Tunnel Syria CalaisMS/MNS
4113 2015-09-15 22 N.N. (4 children, 11 women, 7 men) drowned when boat capsized off Bodrum (TR) while trying to reach Kos (GR) unknown Irish Times/Reu./DHA/Ya.N/Clandestina/AFP
4114 2015-09-13 1 N.N. (man, 21) stabbed to death in the street in Sofia (BG) Syria Sputnik/BGNES
4115 2015-09-13 34 N.N. (4 babies, 11 children) drowned near Farmakonisi (GR) when overcrowded wooden boat was hit in the Aegean Sea unknown GuardianUn./AthensNewsAgency/Mail Online
4116 2015-09-12 1 N.N. stowaway, found dead in wheel bay of plane at Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport (NL) Africa MNS
4117 2015-09-12 4 N.N. (4 children) went missing after boat capsized off Samos (GR) unknown GuardianUn.
4118 2015-09-06 15 N.N. went missing after boat travelling from Libya to Italy hit rough waters, 107 rescued Sub-Saharan Africa IOM
4119 2015-09-06 2 N.N. drowned off coast of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta (ES), 1 body recovered, 1 missing Africa IOM/SP/Globedia
4120 2015-09-05 1 N.N. (baby, 2 months) died after boat crashed on rocks and capsized upon reaching Agathonisi (GR) Syria IOM/SP
4121 2015-09-04 1 N.N. (man, 51) died after falling and hitting head on train tracks in Bicske (HU) while running from police Pakistan ExpressTribune/Independent/Mirror/IBT
4122 2015-09-02 1 Galip Kurdi (boy, 5) drowned after boat capsized near Bodrum (TR) Syria IBT/Guardian/CBS/VK
4123 2015-09-02 1 Aylan Kurdi (boy, 3) drowned after boat capsized near Bodrum (TR) Syria IBT/Guardian/CBS/VK
4124 2015-09-02 1 Rehan Kurdi (woman) drowned after boat capsized near Bodrum (TR) Syria IBT/Guardian/CBS/VK
4125 2015-09-02 10 N.N. (10 children, 10, 11) drowned after boat capsized near Bodrum (TR) Syria IBT/Guardian/CBS/VK
4126 28 N.N. drowned near Didim (TR) while trying to get to Greece in fishing boat unknown Imkander
4127 2 N.N. drowned near Seferihisar (TR) Syria Imkander
4128 22 N.N. (4 children, 11 women) died after boat sank near Datca (TR), 211 rescued unknown Imkander
4129 1 N.N. (girl, 4) choked to death while travelling on boat from Cesme (TR) to Greece, 14 rescued Syria Imkander
4130 12 N.N. drowned after 2 boats sank near Bodrum (TR) unknown Imkander
4131 17 N.N. drowned after boat capsized off Cavus Adasi (TR) unknown Imkander
4132 2015-08-29 1 N.N. (boy, 17) killed in shootout between police and traffickers in Symi (GR) unknown enikos/GuardianUn./Telegraph
4133 2015-08-27 71 N.N. (4 children, 8 women, 59 men) suffocated in back of truck found outside Parndorf (AT), abandoned by traffickers unknown DerStandard/GuardianUn.
4134 2015-08-27 200 N.N. bodies found in boat and floating in water off coast of Zuwarah (LY) unknown Guardian/BBC/DerStandard
4135 2015-08-27 2 N.N. bodies found on boat carrying migrants from Libya to Lampedusa (IT) unknown SeaWatch
4136 2015-08-26 52 N.N. suffocated in hold of boat off coast of Libya, forced to stay below deck, 439 rescued unknown Aljazeera/BBC/GuardianUn./VK
4137 2018-08-26 3 N.N. (3 women) found dead by rescuers on rubber boat off coast of Libya unknown Aljazeera
4138 2015-08-26 1 N.N. died after being rescued from boat off coast of Libya unknown Aljazeera/BBC/GuardianUn.
4139 2015-08-18 6 N.N. (1 baby) drowned after boat capsized on way from Turkey to Kos (GR) Syria MorningJournal
4140 2015-08-17 1 N.N. hit by freight train while walking along railroad tracks on Macedonian-Serbian border unknown Fox
4141 2015-08-15 49 N.N. suffocated after being prevented from leaving hold of ship off coast of Libya, 320 rescued unknown NYtimes/INDie
4142 2015-08-06 1 T.K. (man, 30) suicide, in Verne immigration removal centre (GB) after being denied medication Uganda Dorset Echo/DetainedVoices/Sputnik
4143 2015-08-06 200 N.N. drowned after boat capsized off coast of Libya unknown Telegraph/GuardianUn.
4144 2015-08-03 5 N.N. died, reportedly of dehydration, aboard various boats off coast of Libya unknown Local
4145 2015-08-02 1 N.N. (woman) reportedly jumped from employer’s flat in Cyprus where she was held as a domestic worker against her will India KISA/CypMail
4146 2015-08-02 4 N.N. (men) drowned trying to enter the Spanish enclave of Ceuta (ES) while swimming from Morocco Sub-Saharan Africa El Diario/EFE
4147 1 N.N. (man, 27) stowaway, suffocated in suitcase stored in trunk of car travelling from Melilla (ES) to Almería (ES) Morocco BBC/SP/Welt
4148 1 N.N. drowned after boat sank near Bodrum (TR) on way to Lesbos (GR), 9 rescued unknown Imkander