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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
2863 2012-06-23 2 N.N. stowaways, died of asphyxiation and heat inside a truck on Greece to Ancona (I) ferry Afghanistan PICUM/Infomob/FE/LR Italy
2862 2012-06-19 6 N.N. missing, reportedly drowned, small boat sailing from North Africa capsized off Leuca coast(I) unknown PICUM/LRB/FE/Infomob Italy http://no-border.nl/b4p-testimony-abbas-saton-sole-survivor-56-migrant-boat-tragedy/
2977 Jun 2012 55 N.N. Died in attempt to reach Italy (I) from Tripoli (LY), Abbas (25, Eritrea) was only survivor Somalia/ Sudan/ Eritrea NOB/ B4P/ GuardianUN/ MaltaToday Italy
2821 2012-05-26 20 N.N. drowned, after an inflatable dinghy on way to Italy started to deflate off the coast of Lybia unknown Migreurop/LRP Libya
2930 2012-05-25 10 N.N. at least 10 people missing after dinghy from Libya to Italy capsized in the Sicilian Channel Somalia LR/Fe Italy
2931 2012-05-25 1 N.N. (±30, man) body in advanced state of decomposition washed ashore off Lampione Island (I) Sub-Saharan Africa FE/ANSA Italy
2819 2012-05-19 5 N.N. drowned, after boat of 43 migrants sank off the coast of Mayotte (F) Anjouan Island, Comoros Le Monde/AFP/Migreurop France
2820 2012-05-19 15 N.N. missing, after boat of 43 migrants sank off the coast of Mayotte (F) Anjouan Island, Comoros Le Monde/AFP/Migreurop France
2824 2012-05-02 1 N.N. (16, boy) stowaway, suffocated in a truck into which he had hidden to avoid the border police checks Afghanistan Migreurop/PICUM/AdnK/MP Italy http://www.unhcr.org/4fa8e9746.html
2822 2012-05-01 7 N.N. died in a boat during a week-long voyage from LY to Malta, boat came ashore at Riviera Bay Somalia UNHCR Malta
2826 2012-04-29 2 N.N. died in car accident while trying to escape a FRONTEX control unknown Migreurop/KTG/TF1/PICUM/Clandestina/Age/Skai/Ta Nea/ERT Greece
2823 2012-04-28 1 N.N. (boy) drowned, after being thrown off a boat of 80 by smugglers when a patrol boat approached Egypt Migreurop/LRP Italy http://picum.org/en/news/bulletins/35812/
3142 2014-03-09 1 N.N. (man) Died, after being stabbed to death on the motorway outside Calais Albania CMSWordpress France http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/two-deportees-feared-dead-after-3187210
3018 2014-02-26 2 N.N. (men) Missing, reportedly drowned after jumping off north sea ferry when being deported from UK Albania Mirror/ BBC GB http://thecaravan.org/node/4034
3007 2014-02-20 1 Kahve Pouryazdan (49, man) Suicide, set himself on fire, after 10 years of asylum seeker in Germany Iran Karawane Germany http://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/toter-asylbewerber-zeitz-todesursache-ermittelt100_zc-a2551f81_zs-ae30b3e4.html
3008 2014-02-15 1 N.N. (23, man) Suicide, jumped from window of ayslum seeker centre India MZ/ MDR/ FR-S Germany http://www.mdr.de/sachsen/chemnitz/obduktionsergebnis100.html
3011 2014-02-14 1 Ahmed J. (43, man) Died of pulmonary embolism, after security quard refused to call an ambulance Libya MDR/ MZ/ ProAsyl Germany http://beatingborders.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/dozens-of-migrants-murdered-by-spanish-and-moroccan-police-in-attempts-to-cross-border-in-early-february-but-over-200-enter-in-recent-days/
3010 2014-02-06 17 N.N. Died, trying to reach Spanish enclave, Spanish/Moroccan police shot them with rubber bullets Africa BB/ FFM/ Reuters/ Telegraph/ VK/ SP/ ECRE Morocco http://www.fr-online.de/panorama/hamburg-eimsbuettel-fluechtlinge-sterben-bei-hausbrand,1472782,26103374.html
3012 2014-02-05 3 N.N. (33, mother, 6 and 7 child) Died, mother and her two children, in a fire in their asylum home Pakistan Karawane/ FR/ Tagesspiegel/ Hamburger Abendblatt/ MNS Germany http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/minor-killed-by-a-truck/
3075 2014-01-30 1 N.N. (17, boy) Stowaway, died from fell from truck whilst trying to cross the border into the UK Iran CMSWordpress France http://www.todayszaman.com/news-337480-one-dead-seven-missing-as-boat-capsizes-near-kusadasi.html
3005 2014-01-24 1 N.N. Drowned, after boat capsized near Kusadasi, 11 passengers saved, 7 others missing unknown TodZam/ Xinhua Turkey http://www.todayszaman.com/news-337480-one-dead-seven-missing-as-boat-capsizes-near-kusadasi.html
3006 2014-01-24 7 N.N. Missing, reportedly drowned, after boat capsized near Kusadasi, 11 passengers saved unknown TodZam/ Xinhua Turkey http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2014/01/22/greek-coast-guard-drowned-refugees-near-farmakonisi-during-push-back-attempt/
3013 2014-01-21 2 N.N. (mother and child) Drowned, during push back by Greek coast guard their boat capsized, 10 others missing unknown ProAsyl/ ECRE/ Infomobile/ Euronews/Xinhua Greece http://infomobile.w2eu.net/2014/01/22/greek-coast-guard-drowned-refugees-near-farmakonisi-during-push-back-attempt/
3014 2014-01-21 10 N.N. (2 women, 8 children) Missing, reprtedly drowned, during push back by Greek coast guard their boat capsized Afghanistan/ Syria ProAsyl/ ECRE/ Infomobile/ Euronews/Xinhua Greece http://www.expatica.ru/news/local_news/sudanese-migrant-freezes-to-death-in-illegal-eu-russia-crossing_282878.html
3019 2014-01-16 1 N.N. (54, man) Frozen to death, during river crossing of EU-Russia border Sudan EXP/ EUbusiness/ GP Estonia http://lesvos.w2eu.net/2013/01/14/three-migrants-found-dead-at-the-coast-of-chios/
3004 2014-01-13 3 N.N. (men) Drowned, bodies found on different beaches on the island Chios unknown W2EU/ Greekreporter/ Newsit Greece http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/news/2013_12_21/Young-Iranian-immigrant-burns-himself-to-death-in-Athens-1239/
3215 2013-12-21 1 N.N. (28, man) Suicide, by self-immolation at a crossroads in central Athens (GR), he died on way to hospital Iran MNS/ Voice of Russia Greece http://www.adnkronos.com/IGN/Aki/English/Security/Turkey-Three-migrants-drown-when-boat-sinks-four-missing_32968294522.html