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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
1477 Jun 2003 1 N.N. dead body found in a forrest not far from the border between Ukraine and Slovakia India IRR Slovakia
1501 Jun 2003 2 N.N. drowned, dead body found in Ceuta (E/MA), they tried to reach coast by swimming unknown MUGAK Spain
1176 2003-05-31 15 N.N. reportedly drowned, after boat capsized during rescue attempt near Fuerteventura (E) unknown Statewatch Spain
1175 2003-05-17 1 N.N. (33, man) rejected asylum seeker found dead in a bus shelter in Boxmeer (NL) Congo MNS/ANP Netherlands
1414 2003-05-15 4 N.N. (men) drowned, bodies found in fishing net near Lampedusa (I) unknown LR 0
1174 2003-05-07 1 Olga Blaskevica (29, woman) murdered by partner in Harmondsworth detention centre (GB), awaiting deportation Latvia CARF/Metropolitan Police/IRR/NCADC GB
1497 2003-05-06 5 N.N. (men) drowned, dead bodies found near he beach of Plage Ba Kacem, Tangier (MA) Morocco MUGAK Morocco
1498 2003-05-06 4 N.N. (women) drowned, dead bodies found near beach of Plage Ba Kacem, Tangier (MA) Morocco MUGAK Morocco
1307 2003-05-05 1 Liu Jin Wu (35, man) suicide, denied access to interpreter, suffered from paranoid psychosis China MNS/The Herald/NCADC/ERB/IRR 0
1868 2003-05-02 1 Nadim Hussaini (18, man) fell from bridge over M60, at Stockport (GB) after his asylum claim was rejected Afghanistan IRR GB
1322 May 2003 1 N.N. (minor) suffocated, trapped on the border-fence in Melilla (E/MA) Morocco SOS Spain
1557 2003-05-01 1 N.N. drowned, found floating near Lampedusa (I) unknown TL Italy
1496 2003-04-26 1 N.N. dead body found in a boat intercepted in the Gulf of Cadiz (E) unknown MUGAK Spain
1495 2003-04-25 2 N.N. drowned after shipweck in Lanzarote (E) unknown MUGAK Spain
1339 Apr 2003 10 N.N. dead bodies found in the coasts of Lanzarote (E) unknown SOS Spain
1431 Apr 2003 76 N.N. drowned, dead bodies found on the beach in Tarifa (E) Sub-Saharan Africa SOS Spain
1173 2003-03-25 1 N.N. (32, man) asylum seeker, set fire to himself in Diever (NL) after being caught stealing Iraq MNS/VK Netherlands
1340 Mar 2003 12 N.N. dead bodies found in the touristic area of Costa Teguise (E) Africa SOS Spain
1476 Mar 2003 1 N.N. blown in minefield at the border between Turkey and Greece Somalia IRR Greece
1419 2003-02-28 1 N.N.(26, man) dead body found near Kam’yanytsya (UA) few meters from UA-SK border India NOB Ukraine http://mayottesansfrontieres.blogspot.nl/2006_01_01_archive.html
3100 2003-02-28 7 N.N. drowned near Kanikeli after small boat capsized on way to Mayotte (F) Comoros Mayotte sans frontires Mayotte
1172 2003-02-25 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, fell from plane wheelbay under flight path to airport near Paris (F) Mali or Gabon MNS 0
1171 2003-02-24 1 Sarkawat Hussein (18, man) crushed to death trying to climb lorry in Calais (F) ferry terminal on his way to GB Iraq AFP/MNS/NO France
1170 2003-02-23 1 N.N. (young man) hit by lorry in Calais (F), trying to reach Great-Britain as a stowaway Iraq Vivre France
1169 2003-02-22 1 Djedjik Fatiha (39) suicide, hanged herself with scarf in police cel in Emmen (NL) in fear of deportation Algeria DVHN Netherlands
1168 2003-02-20 12 N.N. died of thirst/hunger after 14 days at sea, going from Morocco to Fuerteventura (E) Sub-Saharan-Africa PUB/NOB/MUGAK 0
1167 2003-02-12 1 Osuigwe C. Kenechukwu (22) died of lack of medical care in refugee transit centre Thurhof in Oberbüren (CH) Nigeria Vivre/MNS/Indymedia/Augen auf/ Switzerland
1166 2003-02-07 18 N.N. reportedly drowned after being lost at sea near Fuerteventura (E) unknown IRR 0
1165 2003-02-03 1 N.N. drowned, tried to swim to Spain body found floating in a bay south of Ceuta (E/MA) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS Spain
1336 Feb 2003 2 N.N. suffocated, stowaway in a bus on a ferry going from Nador (MA) to Almería (E) Morocco SOS Spain
1338 Feb 2003 3 N.N. (men) drowned, trying to reach Melilla (E/MA) swimming from Beniezar (MA), cold sea fatal Sub-Saharan-Africa SOS Spain
1445 Feb 2003 1 N.N. stowaway, died attempting to disembark from a boat in Motril-Granada (E) unknown IRR Spain
1164 2003-01-31 1 Mikhail Bognarchuk (42, man) suicide, found hanged with his shoelaces in toilet at Haslar removal Centre (GB) Ukraine IRR/NCADC/CARF/MNS GB
1163 2003-01-23 2 N.N. stowaways fell out of wheel-bay in China, hid in wrong plane in France Turkey MNS France
1161 2003-01-19 6 N.N. frozen to death in drifting boat near S.M. di Leuca (I) coming from Turkey Iraq MNS/Vivre/AFP/AP/TL Italy
1162 2003-01-19 26 N.N. drowned while trying to reach the Canary Islands (E) from Morocco Nigeria MNS/Vita 0
1558 2003-01-19 23 N.N. died of hypothermia on a drifting boat near Leuca (I) coming from Turkey unknown MNS/Vivre/AFP/AP/TL Italy http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2674307.stm
3065 2003-01-19 16 N.N. reportedly drowned near Tangir after boat sank trying to reach Spain (E) Morocco BBC Morocco http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/2684213.stm
2361 2009-03-29 1 N.N. (20, man) stowaway, dead under a Bulgarian lorry, hid to pass the border in Ancona harbor (I) Iraq CDS/NOB Italy
2312 2009-03-26 1 N.N. (20, man) asylum seeker was run over by a lorry in Venice harbor (I) reportedly trying to skip ID control Iraq CDS/ANSA/AdnK/NOB Italy
2609 2009-03-23 1 Mazir (24, man) found in Votanikos stream near Aliens Bureau in Athens (GR), stayed in coma for 3 months unknown NR/IRR Greece
2287 2009-03-22 2 N.N. missing when Spanish patrol transfered the passengers from their boat off Cabo de Gata (E) Maghreb MUGAK/EFE/PUB/NOB Spain
2284 2009-03-19 67 N.N. 17 deaths, 50 missing, after shipwreck near Sfax (TN) on the way from Libya to Italy Africa LS/FE/ANSA/Ach/AFP/LSW/NOB Tunisia
2323 2009-03-19 1 Salah Soudami (42, man) reportedly beaten on the Ponte Gallierra det. cr. Roma (I) after refusal of medical treatment Algeria CARTA/ElW Italy
2304 2009-03-17 1 N.N. (young man) body washed ashore on the beach Linea de la Concepcion, Cadiz (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/DNA/SUR/PUB/EFE/ELM/NOB Spain
2450 2009-03-16 11 N.N. (7 men, 4 women) died of thirst in the LY-Niger desert trying to reach I, left there by Libyan authorities Nigeria NOB/LR Libya
2362 2009-03-06 1 N.N. (±20, man) tangled in razor wire trying to jump a border fence from Morocco to Ceuta (E) Africa REU/NOB Spain
2283 Mar 2009 14 N.N. (1 pregnant woman) died giving birth with 13 more in Oran sea (AR) after got lost ran out of fuel and water Nigeria, Africa FE/NAN/NT/ODILI 0
2451 2009-02-21 1 N.N. died when vessel tried to land near Motril (E), 34 migrants survived Africa NOB/REU Spain
2242 2009-02-15 2 N.N. (woman, pregnant woman) drowned after boat crashed to rocks and sank 20 meters from the coast of Lanzarote (E) Maghreb Can7/ABC/Publico/ELM/DiariodeNoticias/Deia/EP/Raz/ELC/VDG/Verdad/ElDia/PerCat/LV/AVUI/SUR/GARA/Diari Spain
2243 2009-02-15 1 N.N. (8 months, foetus) drowned after boat crashed with a rock and sank 20 metres from Lanzarote’s coast (E) Maghreb Can7/ABC/Publico/ELM/DiariodeNoticias/Deia/EP/Raz/ELC/VDG/Verdad/ElDia/PerCat/LV/AVUI/SUR/GARA/Diari Spain
2244 2009-02-15 19 N.N. (15 boys, 4 girls) drowned after boat crashed with a rock and sank 20 metres from Lanzarote’s coast (E) Maghreb Can7/ABC/Publico/ELM/DiariodeNoticias/Deia/EP/Raz/ELC/VDG/Verdad/ElDia/PerCat/LV/AVUI/SUR/GARA/Diari Spain
2245 2009-02-15 4 N.N. (men) drowned after boat crashed with a rock and sank 20 metres from Lanzarote’s coast (E) Maghreb Can7/ABC/Publico/ELM/DiariodeNoticias/Deia/EP/Raz/ELC/VDG/Verdad/ElDia/PerCat/LV/AVUI/SUR/GARA/Diari Spain
2249 2009-02-15 1 N.N. missing after boat crashed with a rock and sank 20 metres from Lanzarote’s coast (E) Maghreb Can7/ABC/Publico/ELM/DiariodeNoticias/Deia/EP/Raz/ELC/VDG/Verdad/ElDia/PerCat/LV/AVUI/SUR/GARA/Diari Spain
2240 2009-02-02 3 N.N. (men) reportedly dehydration, died after 4 days without water or food in boat near Canary Isl. (E) Gambia ABC/EP/MUGAK/ELM/Diario de Navarra/SUR/Can7/ELC/Deia/Der Standard/AFP/NOB Spain
2247 Feb 2009 1 N.N. (man) body found in boat drifting for 2 days near the coast of Motril (E) with 34 survivors Africa AFP/MAG 0
2239 2009-01-31 1 N.N. (woman) body found by Moroccan navy in boat sailing near the coasts of Al Hoceima (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa Can7/MUGAK Morocco
2368 2009-01-29 8 N.N. drowned, shipwreck due to storm waters in Gulf of Tunis (TN) Tunisia ANSA Tunisia
2369 2009-01-28 5 N.N. bodies washed ashore on the coasts near the town of Bodrum (TR) unknown AFP/REU/NOB Turkey
2366 2009-01-22 1 Vivede (19, woman) died of burns and exposure after sailing by boat from Africa to Lampedusa (I) Nigeria LR/ASCA Italy
2311 2009-01-21 1 N.N. (man) body found in the boat with 53 survivors on Cala Pisana’s beach, Lampedusa (I) Africa LR/MP/AdnK/ANSA/NOB Italy
2367 2009-01-21 8 N.N. reportedly frozen to death on the sailing from Libya to Lampedusa (I) Libya LR/CDS Italy
2293 2009-01-19 30 N.N. (±25) missing, after boat of 35 capsized off the coast of Tunisia on way to Italy Tunisia LR/FE/LPC/PICUM/APDHA/CDS/AEDH/LIDU 0
2370 2009-01-19 1 N.N. (48, man) frozen to death, body found under the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Messina (I) Sri Lanka Ansa Italy
2286 2009-01-14 4 N.N. (±25) reportedly missing after the boat capsized for motor problems after leaving Kristel (DZ) Algeria QUOTI/FE 0
2291 2009-01-13 1 N.N. (18 months, child) drowned off Syros Island (GR), after boat carrying 19 migrants capsized unknown FE/KI/NOB 0
2452 2009-01-10 4 N.N. (women) drowned, transferred to canoe after abandoning boat trip to (E), capsized off Senegal coast Senegal NOB/FE Senegal
2998 2012-04-28 30 N.N. Drowned, after Moroccan marine ship deliberately drowned the boat of 70 migrants Sub-Saharan Africa PICUM/ Afrik/ El Pais Morocco
2825 2012-04-26 1 N.N. (40, man) drowned, after being thrown overboard by smugglers dozens of meters from Calabria’s coast Afghanistan LR/Migreurop/PUCUM/FE Italy http://www.ad.nl/ad/nl/1012/Nederland/article/detail/3239237/2012/04/12/Zelfmoord-om-uitzetting-kinderen-te-voorkomen.dhtml
2827 2012-04-09 1 Alain Hatungimana (36, man) Suicide, just before being deported (NL), presumably to avoid deportation of his children Burundi DutchN/Migreurop/RNW/PICUM/ENAR/ AD/ VK/ NOVUM Netherlands http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-19323535
2869 Apr 2012 6 N.N. (1 man, 5 women) drowned, reaching rescuing ship after boat from LY run out of petrol in Sicilian Channel (I) unknown BBC Italy
2870 Apr 2012 1 Samia Yusuf Omar (21, woman) drowned,reaching rescue ship, on boat on way LY-I.Was Olympia athlete facing death threats Somalia BBC/Gulf/SP/WIK/IlMess Italy http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/04/10-refugees-die-in-libya-italy-crossing/
3166 2012-03-31 10 N.N. Died of starvation, bodies thrown over board during crossing from Libya to Italy Eritrea (4)/ Somalia (6) AffarI/ Vanguard/ Agi Italy
2828 2012-03-29 1 N.N. body found in an advanced state of decay in the rural area of Tichero, Evros Prefecture (GR) unknown PICUM/Age/Clandestina Greece
2804 2012-03-17 1 N.N. (±28) drowned while trying to cross Evros River to enter GR, body found in area of Nea Vissa unknown PICUM/Age Greece
2805 2012-03-16 5 N.N. found in boat of 57 on way to Lampedusa (I) rescued by Italian authorities in Libian waters unknown PICUM/LR/jW Mediterranean
2806 2012-03-15 1 N.N. drowned while trying to cross Evros River to enter GR, body found near river in area of Soufli unknown PICUM Greece
2807 2012-03-12 1 N.N. (28, man) rolled over by the truck he tried to hide under to leave Greece, near the new port in Patras Eritrea PICUM/patrasT Greece
2843 2012-03-05 1 N.N. (±24, man) drowned, body found floating in Tajo-Segura Channel, in the town of Torre-Pacheco (E) Maghreb MUGAK/Raz Spain
2844 2012-03-02 2 N.N. (±22, men) drowned, bodies carrying life jacket found in the sea near the Bay of Melilla (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/Raz/Diario de Noticias/ElDia/SUR/VDG Spain
2809 2012-02-29 1 N.N. (man) died of hypothermia, body found in a warehouse in the area of Korinthia (GR) Egypt PICUM/Proto Greece
2847 2012-02-29 2 N.N. (9, girl, 50, man) young girl and her grandfather missing after boat overturned while crossing Evros River (GR) Afghanistan PICUM/Infomob/Ta Nea/Skai Greece
2808 2012-02-21 1 N.N. (±20, woman) died of hypothermia while trying to leave TR via Evros River, body found near Orestiada (GR) Africa PICUM/Infomob/Skai/Clandestina Greece
2815 2012-02-21 1 N.N. drowned while trying to enter Ceuta (E) by swimming along the coast from Morocco Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/ElDia Morocco
2830 2012-02-21 1 N.N. (±23, woman) body found by border guards in the Evros River (GR) Africa MNS Greece
2810 2012-02-10 1 N.N. (±40) died of hypothermia while trying to cross Evros River to enter GR, body found near Tichero unknown PICUM/Rizo Greece
2811 2012-02-07 1 N.N. (25) died of hypothermia in Health Centre of Soufli after crossing Evros River to enter Greece unknown PICUM/Skai Greece
2812 2012-02-06 3 N.N. (±20) stowaway, died of asphyxiation in truck on way to Igoumenitsa (GR), a port leading to Italy Afghanistan PICUM/TVXS/MNS Greece
2840 Feb 2012 1 Rexhep Salijaj (man) suicide, killed himself a few hours before the delay given to him to leave Belgium was expired Kosovo MNS Belgium
2846 2012-01-30 1 N.N. (man) died of hypothermia trying to cross Evros River (GR) with 14 migrants who were rescued Palestine PICUM/Clandestina/Skai/ToV Greece https://ulimuc.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/mohammad-rahsepar/
2887 2012-01-29 1 Mohammad Rahsepar (29, man) suicide, hanged himself with a sheet in asylum seekers centre in Würzburg (D) Iran FR-BW/INDd/ARD/HRS/SD/MainP/U4IB/SOS/Karawane Germany
2816 2012-01-25 15 N.N. drowned, after their vessel of 55 migrants sank, bodies found off the coast of Misrata (LY) Somalia MNS Mediterranean
2817 2012-01-25 40 N.N. missing, after their vessel of 55 migrants sank off the coast of Misrata (LY) Somalia MNS Mediterranean
2745 2012-01-22 1 N.N. (±25, man) body found floating in an advanced state of decomposition 7 miles from Cabo de Palos (E) North Africa MUGAK/Verdad Spain http://www.romandie.com/news/n/_Grece_cinq_migrants_morts_une_centaine_arraisonnes_en_route_vers_l_Italie280120121101.asp
3174 2012-01-22 5 N.N. Stowaways, died in a road accident while hidden in a truck departing for Italy from Greece Afghanistan AFP Greece
2776 2012-01-15 15 N.N. (12women, 2men, 1baby) bodies found on Libyan beaches after shipwreck of boat part of 4 boats group on way to I Somalia PICUM/FE/TimesM/AFP/jW Libya
2777 2012-01-15 1 N.N. found dead alone in shipwrecked boat that was part of group of 4 boats on way from LY to I Somalia PICUM/FE/TimesM/AFP/jW 0
2791 2012-01-15 40 N.N. missing after shipwreck of a boat part of a group of 4 boats on the way from LY to I unknown PICUM/FE/TimesM/AFP/jW 0
2778 2012-01-12 8 N.N. missing after 2 plastic boats trying to cross the border GR-TR via the Evros River overturned Afghanistan PICUM/ClandestinE/Infomob/TK/MNS Greece
2779 2012-01-12 4 N.N. missing after 2 plastic boats trying to cross the border GR-TR via the Evros River overturned Bangladesh PICUM/ClandestinE/Infomob/TK/MNS Greece