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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
2078 2007-09-24 2 N.N. (1 man, 1 child) drowned, bodies pulled out of the sea near Samos (GR) after wooden boat capsized unknown KI/NOB 0
2079 2007-09-24 2 N.N. drowned, bodies pulled out of the sea near Chios (GR) after boat capsized unknown KI/NOB Greece
2258 2007-09-23 1 N.N. body found on board a boat that reached Los Cristianos’ harbour, Canary Islands (E) unknown ElDia/EFE/EP/Can7/ELM Spain
2028 2007-09-20 1 Chulun Liua (51, woman) left in a coma after throwing herself out of a window to avoid a police raid in Paris (F) China MNS/PICUM/IRR France
2032 2007-09-19 1 N.N. (man) suicide, set himself on fire in Castellon (E) after denial of help for voluntary repatriation Romania MNS Spain
2257 2007-09-16 6 N.N. (men) missing after boat sank near Cabo de Gata, Almeria (E) Algeria EP/ELM/EFE Spain
2429 2007-09-16 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found by Civil Guard off Nijar beach (E), likely from Cabo de Gata shipwreck unknown NOB/TySp 0
2076 2007-09-14 1 N.N. drowned, thrown overboard by traffickers near the Pantelleria Isl. (I), sailing from LY unknown LR Italy
2031 2007-09-13 3 N.N. (6, 10, 13, girls) died of exhaustion and exposure at Polish border fleeing from Chechnia conflict Chechnia MNS/VK Poland
2077 2007-09-13 8 N.N. drowned, after ship capsized off the coast of Edko (Egypt), trying to reach Italy Egypt IntHeraldTribune Egypt
2273 2007-09-09 1 Amru Aljiti (63, man) died due to lack insuline 4 weeks after deportation to Mostar (BH) being ill during trip Bosnia IRR/ARI Bosnia
2256 2007-09-08 1 N.N. (±27, man) body found in the coast of Motril (E), reportedly came from a boat intercepted days before Sub-Saharan Africa ABC Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2007/09/08/espana/1189202401_850215.html
2029 2007-09-07 10 N.N. at least 10 people drowned after their boat capsized off the island of Gran Canaria (E) West Africa MNS/BBC Spain
2766 2007-09-06 1 Solyman Rashed (28, man) killed by a roadside bomb in Kirkuk (Iraq), rejected asylum seeker, was deported from GB Iraq IRR Iraq
2175 2007-09-04 19 N.N. 4 drowned, 15 missing, shipwreck near l’Ile d’Anjouan, trying to reach Mayotte Isl. (F) Comoros Islands JA 0
1997 2007-09-01 4 N.N. 1 drowned, 3missing after boat from Libya sank next to Portopalo (I) unknown LR/CDS/Unita/RAI/ANSA/IlMess 0
2327 Sep 2007 30 N.N. drowned after their boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe unknown HNS 0
1998 2007-08-30 25 N.N. (21 men, 4 women) drowned, boat capsized while approaching by a Greek tug boat in Malta waters unknown MP/Reu/Gara.net/LV 0
2274 2007-08-29 1 Soran Ali Korshid (35, man) suicide, overdose of pills, suffered of depression in asylum seekers’ hostel in Rostock (D) Iraq IRR Germany
1999 2007-08-28 2 N.N. (pregnant women) died of starvation during the journey from Libya to Italy Eritrea/Ethiopia FE/ilMess/KI 0
2030 2007-08-25 1 N.N. (25, woman) fell from a balcony attempting to avoid police control Geneva (CH) Guinea MNS/Vivre/TribuneGeneve/LeCourrier Switzerland
2039 2007-08-25 45 N.N. reportedly drowned, boat disappear after motor broke down on way to Sicily (I) Sub-Saharan Africa GARA/VK 0
2023 2007-08-24 3 N.N. reportedly drowned, vessel capsized near the town of Cesme (TR) on way to GR Gambia/Mauritania/Rwanda MNS Greece
2022 2007-08-23 14 N.N. drowned, disappeared after their boat from Turkey sank off the coast of Chios (GR) unknown MNS 0
2004 2007-08-21 6 N.N. (2 woman, 4 man) starvation, bodies thrown overboard found by military pilots 60 miles to Lampedusa (I) unknown ANSA/FE/LR/INF/MAG/CDS 0
2021 2007-08-20 1 N.N. (25, man) illegal worker jumped from building trying to avoid police arrest, Thessaloniki (GR) Nigeria MNS/EarthT Greece http://elpais.com/diario/2007/08/21/espana/1187647212_850215.html
2755 2007-08-19 11 N.N. (9 adults, 2 children) starvation and hypothermia, thrown overboard, boat went adrift for 7 days on the way to E Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/Diario de Navarra/LV/PerCat/ABC/SUR/Provincias/ElDia/Vasco/ELM Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2007/08/21/espana/1187647212_850215.html
2758 2007-08-19 1 N.N. hypothermia, died in the hospital in Gran Canaria (E) after boat went adrift for 7 days Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/Diario de Navarra/LV/PerCat/ABC/SUR/Provincias/ElDia/Vasco/ELM Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2007/08/21/espana/1187647212_850215.html
2759 2007-08-19 1 N.N. starvation and hypothermia, body found on boat that went adrift for 7 days on the way to E Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/Diario de Navarra/LV/PerCat/ABC/SUR/Provincias/ElDia/Vasco/ELM Spain
2024 2007-08-17 11 N.N. 6 drowned, 5 missing, boat capsized near Izmir (TR) trying to reach Greece mostly Afghanistan MNS Turkey
2026 2007-08-14 15 N.N. at least 15 people died, recovered from the sea near the island of Lampedusa (I) unknown MNS Italy
2074 2007-08-14 2 N.N. stowaways, died after truck carrying 34 migrants capsized near Yukari Bakracli (TR) unknown Anatolian Turkey
2075 2007-08-14 14 N.N. bodies found by military pilots floating in sea near Lampedusa (I), wearing life jackets unknown MAG/CDS 0
2897 2007-08-13 17 N.N. (8 children, 9 adults) drowned, boat sank off Mayotte Island (F) in Indian Ocean from Comoros Islands Comoros Islands LeMonde France
2898 2007-08-13 19 N.N. missing, boat sank off Mayotte Island (F) in Indian Ocean from Comoros Islands Comoros Islands LeMonde France
2025 2007-08-09 2 N.N. (men) 1 drowned, 1 missing, boat heading to Lesbos (GR) sank off Ayvalik (TR) Iraq/unknown MNS/KI Turkey
2166 2007-08-07 1 N.N. stowaway, crushed to death under the weels of a lorry leaving the port of Algeciras (E) Maghreb EP Spain
2431 2007-08-04 1 N.N. (woman) drowned, boat carrying other 12 immigrants capsized near Samos Island (GR) Shri Lanka NOB/PressTv Greece
2000 2007-08-01 45 N.N. (33 men,4 women,4 child.) reportedly drowned, boat capsized near Lampedusa (I) on the way from Libya, 1 survivor Sub-Saharan Africa ANSA/GazzettaSud/AdnK/FE/HNS/Migreurop 0
2073 2007-08-01 2 N.N. shot by Moroccan police while trying to reach Canary Isl. (E), other 37 were detained Sub-Saharan Africa Afrik Morocco
2432 2007-07-30 20 N.N. reportedly drowned, boat sank between island Mayotte (F) and Comoros Islands Comoros Islands NOB France
2433 2007-07-30 4 N.N. died in Mayotte hospital (F) after boat sank between Mayotte (F) and Comoros Islands Comoros Islands NOB France
2044 2007-07-28 8 N.N. (1 woman) 1 found, at least 7 missing, 21 migrants found on tuna pen near Libya unknown MNS 0
2048 2007-07-25 9 N.N. drowned, at least 9 died after two vessels from Libya sank off the coast of Sicily (I) unknown MNS Italy
2049 2007-07-25 3 N.N. unknown death’s reason, 3 among 46 persons on board died on the way from LY to I unknown MNS 0
2111 2007-07-23 3 N.N. drowned, 2 found, 1 missing near the coast of Malta unknown DPA 0
2434 2007-07-23 29 N.N. 2 died, 27 missing, boat sank off Mayotte Island (F) in Indian Ocean from Comoros Islands Comoros Islands NOB France
2110 2007-07-22 2 N.N. drowned, 80 km from Libyan coast after their boat collided with a fisher boat unknown DPA Libya http://fortresseurope.blogspot.nl/2007/07/sahara-occidentale-2-morti-e-40.html
3058 2007-07-22 42 N.N. (young man) drowned after 2 boats sank, 2 bodies found, 40 are missing, directed to Canary Islands(E) Sub-Saharan Africa FE Western Sahara
2006 2007-07-19 52 N.N. drowned, 150 miles south Tenerife (E) in rough sea while Spanish boat tried to rescue them Ghana/Guinea/Liberia Guardian Un./BBC/DS/AP/FR/VK/LR/MNS/EP/Raz/Mugak/SP/NOB/Berliner Zitg/EP Spain
2069 2007-07-18 16 N.N. drowned, 4 died, 12 missing when boat sank 40 miles south of Lampedusa (I) unknown MNS/Reu/LR 0
2255 2007-07-17 1 N.N. (man) body found in a boat sailing for 10 days from Mauritania to Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EP/EPress Spain
2325 2007-07-17 12 N.N. drowned 1 found, 11 missing trying to embark on Italian fishing boat near Libya Africa HNS/Migreurop/MSN 0
1994 2007-07-14 3 N.N. (±25, men) stowaways froze to death, found near Mestre (Italy) hidden in truck going to Germany Iraq LR/Unita/CDS/Tgcom/AP/MNS Germany
2046 2007-07-08 1 N.N. drowned, body found by the Armed Forces of Malta in Maltese waters unknown MNS 0
2047 2007-07-07 1 N.N. drowned, body found in advanced state of decomposition near Marsaskala (M) unknown MNS Malta
2072 2007-07-07 1 Luwan (19, woman) car accident fleeing from the police, trying to cross the border from (F) to (GB) Eritrea Salam GB
2435 2007-07-05 20 N.N. drowned, motor of the boat broke and sank off Ben Guerdne (TN) on way to Lampedusa (I) Sub-Saharan Africa NOB/REU 0
2254 2007-07-04 2 N.N. (men) bodies found on a boat that reached Cristianos harbour, Canary Islands (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EP/EFE Spain
2071 2007-07-02 4 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing after boat sank near the coast of Azwen (DZ), 5 survived unknown QUOTI 0
2067 Jul 2007 12 N.N. (11 adults, 1 child) drowned, 1 found 11 missing, dinghy collided with fishing boatway from LY to I unknown LR 0
2068 Jul 2007 2 N.N. drowned, dinghy collided with Italian fishing boat 80 miles from LY on way to I North Africa LR 0
2013 2007-06-30 11 N.N. drowned in waters between Libya and Malta after the boat sank Africa taz/MNS 0
2134 2007-06-29 1 Vera Filantova (47, woman) suicide, after asylum claim rejected, left alone to face her desperate life without status Kirgistan SVZV 0
2014 2007-06-28 3 N.N. (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child) died of starvation and dehydration, bodies thrown overboard on the way to Italy unknown LR 0
2098 2007-06-27 1 Mustafa Alcali (30, man) hanged himself in deportation custody in Frankfurt (D) after knowing he should be deported Turkey FL/jW/IRR Germany
2253 2007-06-27 1 N.N. (man) found death in a boat at 400 m. from Gran Canaria (E) with other 62 survivors Africa ELM/EFE Spain http://www.repubblica.it/2007/05/sezioni/cronaca/sbarchi-immigrati/morti-in-mare/morti-in-mare.html
3156 2007-06-26 3 N.N. died of dehydration on a boat on its way to Italy (I) Sub-Saharan Africa LR Italy
1978 2007-06-22 20 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing after boat capsized near Lampedusa (I) unknown LR Italy
2003 2007-06-20 22 N.N. reportedly drowned, vessel capsized 100 km south the Island of Malta unknown MNS 0
2033 2007-06-18 8 N.N. at least 8 migrants drowned after vessel capsized near the coast of southern Sicily (I) Africa MNS Italy
1996 2007-06-16 14 N.N. drowned in Sicily Channel waters (I), 11 bodies found, 3 still missing unknown LR/MNS 0
2037 2007-06-16 1 N.N. died in the course of rescue operation, survivors saved from fishing vessel near Libya unknown MNS 0
2020 2007-06-14 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, asphyxiated on board a Formula1 powerboat from (GR) to Devon (GB) unknown BBC/IRR 0
2066 2007-06-13 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, manner of death unclear, found in truck on way from I to F with 3 migrants unknown Nouvel Obs France http://www.eldia.es/2007-06-15/vivir/vivir13.htm
3193 2007-06-13 1 N.N. (18, men) found dead doing a rescue operation from a ship that was going to (EU) Libya ELDIA unknown
2036 2007-06-11 1 Moulay Mohammed (27, man) suicide, hanged himself in Remand Centre in Bordeaux (F), was under expulsion order Morocco MNS/METROF/IRR France
1993 2007-06-09 2 N.N. (± 21, men) drowned trying to reach Greece from Turkey, bodies foud next to Samos (GR) Africa KI/FE/MNS 0
1995 2007-06-09 1 Osamyia Aikpitanhi (23, man) suffocated by policemen during deportation from Spain to Nigeria Nigeria EP/ELM/APDHA/ProAsyl/IRR/AN/NBF/SUR/Provincias/MUGAK/EFE Spain
1990 2007-06-05 2 N.N. (men) bodies found among passengers on a boat near to Mogan harbour in Canary Island (E) Gambia FE/MUGAK/Diario de Noticias/Can7/EP Spain
1991 2007-06-05 28 N.N. drowned, 8 found, 20 missing between Tunisa and Algeria trying to reach Sardinia (I) Algeria Reu./FE/Diario de Noticias 0 http://www.repubblica.it/2007/05/sezioni/cronaca/barcone-scomparso/recuperati-cadaveri/recuperati-cadaveri.html
1988 2007-06-01 21 N.N. drowned between Malta and Libya, bodies picked up by a French ship Africa FE/TI/Malta Independent/MP/LR/CDS/SP/ProAsyl/Reu/jW/MNS 0
2060 2007-06-01 1 N.N. (man) body found from Coast Guard in advanced state of decomposition near Lampedusa (I) unknown LR Italy
2436 2007-05-29 1 N.N. died of hypothermia in hospital (TN), found in a boat drifting 15 miles off Tunisian Coast Algeria NOB Tunisia
1982 2007-05-22 1 N.N. reportedly missing after a boat sank next to Malta coast unknown ANSA/LS Malta
1989 2007-05-22 3 N.N. died bodies found aboard a boat adrift off Lompoul (Senegal) in direction to Spain Senegal FE/TySp/Aps 0
1987 2007-05-21 57 N.N.(28 men,23 women,6 child.) drowned between M and LY, Malta authorities alerted by a plane sent aid too late Eritrea FE/LR/BBC/EB/Reu./LS/ANSA/MNS/Indipendent/MM/UNHCR 0
2109 2007-05-19 1 Conrad Dixon (40, man) suicide, failed asylum seeker set himself on fire in James Brindley Close (GB) Jamaica Se/IRR GB
1983 2007-05-18 28 N.N. (3 children) 28 people are missing after their boat sank next to Malta coast sailing from LY to I unknown Reu./FE/TimesM/ANSA/MNS Malta
1981 2007-05-12 2 N.N. (man) bodies thrown at sea, dead during the route from Tripoli (LY) to Lampedusa (I) Eritrea FE/Tgcom/LS 0
1976 2007-05-07 1 N.N. (man) died in hospital in E after being rescued in the sea next to Gibraltar by a British ship Algeria IRR/TheHerald/SC 0
1977 2007-05-07 1 N.N. (man) died of starvation, found on a dinghy next to Palermo coast (I) Morocco ANSA/LR/Unita/MP/Alicenews Italy
1972 2007-04-30 1 N.N. (man) died of hypothermia and dehydratation after journey from Africa to Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/EP 0
1975 2007-04-28 3 N.N. found dead on board a boat that sailed from Mauritania to Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EP/FE/CadSER 0
1974 2007-04-27 3 N.N. (15, girl, 1, child, man) 1 drowned, 2 missing after smugglers throw them in sea next to Leros (GR) Kurdistan KI/FE Greece
1968 2007-04-25 1 N.N. found dead on a boat that reached Tenerife Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/EP/EXP Spain
1969 2007-04-25 1 N.N. died in Archile’s beach in Tenerife (E) after the travel from sub-saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/EP/EXP Spain
1966 2007-04-23 12 N.N. reportedly 11 bodies thrown at sea, 1 found on boat rescued next to Mauritanian coast Sub-Saharan Africa EXP/EP/jW Mauritania
1967 2007-04-23 1 N.N. died after rescue operations in Mauritanian sea on board a boat from Africa to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa EP/EXP/jW/ELM 0
2083 2007-04-23 132 N.N. (men) drowned, shipwreck off Morocco coasts, they were all from the Kolda area (Senegal) Senegal book:LosInvisiblesDeKolda/Mugak/ELM/FE 0