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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
2154 2008-03-30 1 Alfredo Castano-Fuentes (24,m) suicide, found hanged at Pentonville prison (GB), sentenced for having a fake passport Ghana IRR/BBC/OBS GB
2261 2008-03-29 1 N.N. (man) body found in a fishing platform in Melilla (E) reportedly after swiming from Beni Enzar (MA) Maghreb MUGAK/Sur/EFE Spain
2503 2008-03-29 1 N.N. (30, man) suicide, jumped from 19th floor of building in Berlin (D) after asylum claim rejected Vietnam ARI Germany
2222 2008-03-23 1 Abdi Daud (40, man) no medical care, he got high dosages of cortisone in detention centre FG II in Zurich (CH) Somalia NR/AugenAufCH Switzerland http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-03/23/content_7843221.htm
3140 2008-03-23 1 Ayse Abdurrahman drowned after small boat capsized on way to Turkey (TR) Somalia ChinaView Turkey http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-03/23/content_7843221.htm
3141 2008-03-23 5 N.N. drowned after small boat capsized on way to Turkey (TR) Africa ChinaView Turkey
2159 2008-03-19 1 Ama Sumani (39, woman) died in Ghana of cancer after being removed from hospital (GB) because visa expired Ghana BBC/WIK/Independent/Times/IRR Ghana
2296 2008-03-19 40 N.N. at least 40 drowned, overloaded boat sank near Zawia’s coast (LY) on way to Lampedusa (I) Egypt/Senegal/Nigeria/Somalia/Tunisia FE/CDS Libya
2158 2008-03-14 4 N.N. drowned, shipwreck near Iskenderun’s Kale village (TR) due to strong wind, 3 survivors Palestine TP/NOB Turkey
2157 2008-03-05 2 N.N. (men) unknown death’s reasons, found 2 bodies on boat carrying 59 travellers in Canary Isl. (E) Sub-Saharan Africa TySp/NOB/MPG/JA/NOB Spain
2143 Mar 2008 1 Ahmad Mahmud El Sabah (man) no medical care, died lacking adequate health treatment in det. boat Rotterdam (NL) Egypt Statewatch/IN/IKN Netherlands
2145 Mar 2008 1 Ayse Abdurrahman (woman) drowned, after boat capsized off Turkish coast near Didim town trying to reach Europe Somalia Xi/NOB Turkey
2147 Mar 2008 5 N.N. drowned, after boat capsized off Turkish coast near Didim town trying to reach Europe Somalia Xi/NOB Turkey
2148 Mar 2008 1 Youcef (25, man) drowned, found in harbor of Bethioua (DZ), trying to reach Europe by boat Algeria QUOTI/NOB Algeria
2149 Mar 2008 1 Bilal (22, man) missing, trying to cross the sea to Spain, came from Bethioua’s village (DZ) Algeria QUOTI/NOB Algeria
2150 Mar 2008 1 Nabil (25, man) missing, trying to cross the sea to Spain, came from Bethioua’s village (DZ) Algeria QUOTI/NOB Algeria
2151 Mar 2008 1 Omar (24, man) missing, trying to cross the sea to Spain, came from Bethioua’s village (DZ) Algeria QUOTI/NOB Algeria
2152 Mar 2008 1 Boubekeur (24, man) missing, trying to cross the sea to Spain, came from Bethioua’s village (DZ) Algeria QUOTI/NOB 0
2153 Mar 2008 3 N.N. (±25) missing, disappeared trying to reach Europe crossing Mediterranean sea Algeria QUOTI/NOB 0
2155 Mar 2008 3 N.N. (±30, men) missing, left from Mostaganem (DZ) to reach Spain, all from Tiaret city (DZ) Algeria FE/QUOTI 0
2156 Mar 2008 1 N.N. (±25, man) drowned, his body found and repatriated from Spain, he was from Rahouia city (DZ) Algeria FE/QUOTI Spain
2160 Mar 2008 1 N.N. (23, man) drowned, left from Algeria to reach Spain, he was from Tiaret city (DZ) Algeria FE/QUOTI 0
2769 2008-02-18 1 Barhan Ahmed (28, man) suicide, set himself on fire in Nelson (GB), depression after his asylum claim was refused Iraq IRR GB
2088 2008-02-15 1 John Maina (20, man) suicide, after failed asylum claim in Meudon, a western suburb of Paris (F) Kenya MNS/IRR France
2167 2008-02-06 1 N.N. (28, man) stowaway, hanging on underside of tourist bus was crushed by its wheels in Spain India AP/MUGAK/SUR Spain
2768 2008-02-06 1 Mohammed Ahmedi (18, man) died in hospital of heart condition as social workers attempted to clarify immigration status Iraq IRR 0
2395 2008-02-05 1 N.N. (man, 28) crushed in Ceuta (E) by the wheels of a tour bus under he was hiding to cross Gibraltar India MNS/NOB Spain
2142 2008-02-03 1 Rachid Abdelsalam (man) no medical care, died in detention of heart failure, treated with wrong medicine (NL) Algeria Statewatch/VG/SCH/Dag Netherlands
2141 2008-02-02 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found on the coast of Barranco Hondo in Tarifa (E) Morocco TySp/NOB Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2008/02/03/andalucia/1201994523_850215.html
3177 2008-02-01 1 N.N. (young man) drowned near Cadiz (E) after shipwreck of a boat Morocco EP Spain
2139 2008-01-29 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, decomposing body found in ship served Patras-Igoumenitsa-Venice route unknown KI/NOB Greece
2140 2008-01-29 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found in Costa de la Luz (E) after shipwreck off Conil de la Frontera (E) Morocco TySp/NOB Spain
2138 2008-01-23 1 N.N. (30, man) manner of death unknown, body found on the beach of La Marsa (TR) Algeria QUOTI/NOB Tunisia
2168 2008-01-23 17 N.N. drowned, 2 found, 15 missing, after boat sank one meter off the shore of Conil (E) Maghreb EP/MUGAK/Diario de Navarra/ELM/APDHA/Sur/EFE Spain
2059 2008-01-22 1 N.N. (14, boy) stowaway, crushed to death in Panighina (I), hanging on underside of lorry from Greece Afghanistan romagnaoggi/NOB/FE Italy
2129 2008-01-22 8 N.N. drowned, 2 found, 6 missing, vessel carrying 32 migrants capsized off Luz’s coast (E) unknown Picum/NOB Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2008/01/23/espana/1201042815_850215.html
3159 2008-01-22 2 N.N. (men) drowned near Cádiz (E) after small boat capsized on way to Spain (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EP Spain
2137 2008-01-15 1 N.N. (woman) drowned, fell into the frozen waters of Evros River (GR) after small boat sank unknown KI/ANA/PICUM/HR Greece
2131 2008-01-12 3 N.N. starvation, boat with 3 dead bodies arrived in Canary Island (E), carrying 88 migrants Africa EP/MFS/PICUM/NOB Spain
2128 2008-01-10 1 N.N. (man) murdered, swam in search of help but captain of the boat threw him overboard (I) Somalia LR/NOB Italy http://elpais.com/diario/2008/01/07/espana/1199660412_850215.html
3139 2008-01-06 6 N.N. reportedly drowned, trying to reach Cadiz (E) North Africa EP Spain
2176 2008-01-04 2 N.N. (1 man, 1 woman) drowned, bodies found floating near the coasts of Barbate (E) Maghreb Verdad/MUGAK/EP Spain
2042 2008-01-01 9 N.N. (±23, 8 men, 1 woman) drowned, after boat capsized near the beach of Cadiz (E) Maghreb EP/MUGAK/APDHA/PICUM/NOB Spain
2054 2008-01-01 1 N.N. (28, man) suicide on detention centre Berlin Grunau (D) after asylum claim was rejected Tunisia MNS/IN/jW/IRR Germany
2169 Jan 2008 8 N.N. (±20, men) drowned, bodies found near Los Barrios (E), relatives identified 3 bodies Morocco EP Spain
2317 2007-12-30 1 Mohamed Mechergui (28, man) rejected asylum seeker hanged himself with his shoes laces in Berlin Köpenick (D) det. cr. Tunisia IRR/ARI Germany
2127 2007-12-28 1 N.N. (man) drowned, after ship capsized near Evros (GR), 20 survivors, 7 swam to the TR side Georgia IntHeraldTribune/NOB Greece
2170 2007-12-26 2 N.N. bodies found on board a boat intercepted near E from yachts participating to regatta Sub-Saharan Africa EP 0
2597 2007-12-25 1 Abdullah ‘Joker’ Idris (18, man) suicide, asylum seeker facing deportation, hanged himself in prison cell in Chelmsford (GB) Sudan Inquest/IRR GB
2126 2007-12-23 1 N.N. reason of death unknown, a fisherman found a body near Lesbos (GR) unknown TDN/NOB 0
2125 2007-12-17 8 N.N. drowned, overloaded boat sank in the Aegean Sea off Bodrum (TR) on way to Kos (GR) Afghanistan/Iran/Mauritania TDN/KI/Ya.D/NOB 0
2053 2007-12-13 1 N.N. stowaway, reportedly fell from wheel bay of plane found in garden in Val d’Oise (F) unknown MNS France
2426 2007-12-12 7 N.N. drowned, 3 found, 4 missing, 19 rescued by a gas carrier 30 ml off Cap Falcon (DZ) Morocco NOB/FE/QUOTI 0
2318 2007-12-11 1 Kamal X (28, man) died after setting himself on fire in Amberg (D) Iran IRR/ARI Germany http://elpais.com/diario/2007/12/10/internacional/1197241210_850215.html
2091 2007-12-09 44 N.N. Missing, after shipwreck off Dakhla (MA), on way to Canary Isl. (E), 6 bodies found Africa DPA/MNS/EP Mauritania
2146 2007-12-09 1 N.N. body found on board a boat that arrived in EL Hierro (E) unknown EP/NOB Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2007/12/10/internacional/1197241210_850215.html
2295 2007-12-09 6 N.N. Drowned, in shipwreck off Dakhla (MA), on way to Canary Isl. (E), 44 others missing, Sub-Saharan Africa EP/FE/NOB Mauritania
2035 2007-12-08 86 N.N. 51 found, 35 missing, drowned off Seferihisar (TR) after their overloaded boat sank Iraq/Palestine/Somalia ICARE/BBC/GuardianUN/SP/TheGlobe/DPS/IntHeraldTribune/PrensaLibre/Mugak/PrensaGrafica/TDN/AP/CNN/UNH 0
2123 2007-12-08 1 N.N. (±25, man) reportedly drowned, found in advanced state of decomposition, wearing life jacket unknown QUOTI 0
2124 2007-12-08 1 N.N. (man) found in advanced state of decomposition on board of boat in Dakar on way to E unknown SudQ Senegal
1960 2007-12-07 1 N.N. body found on boat that landed on Crete (GR), the vessel disembarked from Egypt unknown AthensNewsAgency/NOB Greece
1973 2007-12-07 1 N.N. (24, man) suicide, asylum seeker set himself on fire in the Town Hall of Haren (NL) unknown NRC/Nopoliceraid/AD Netherlands
1927 2007-12-04 1 N.N. found on board of vessel that landed on Los Cristianos de Tenerife (E) with 51 survivors Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/EP/NOB Spain
2038 2007-12-04 2 N.N. body found on vessel that landed on Los Cristianos de Tenerife (E) with 37 survivors unknown MUGAK/EP/ABC/Diario de Noticias/NOB Spain
2122 2007-12-04 10 N.N. drowned, 2 found, 8 missing, boat collided with French police ship near Mayotte Isl. (F) Comoros Islands Le Monde/NOB France
2050 2007-12-03 10 N.N. drowned, 9 found, 1missing, boat collided with Dutch cargoship during rescue operation (I) Algeria MNS/VK/NOB 0
2051 2007-12-02 40 N.N. died of hunger and thirst, bodies thrown overboard on way from Senegal to Europe Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/VK/NOB 0
2119 2007-11-29 1 N.N. (±25, man) reportedly drowned, found in advanced state of decomposition near El Marsa (M) unknown QUOTI/NOB Algeria
2427 2007-11-29 2 N.N. bodies found by Galican fishing boat which rescued 48 people from a boat near El Hierro (E) unknown NOB/TySp Spain
2767 2007-11-17 1 Avtar Singh (37, man) suicide, found dead in prison, 7 months sentence for false passport, was due to be deported India IRR 0
2120 2007-11-16 1 N.N. (man) shot to death in the stomach during a police check for illegal migrants in Pyla, Cyprus (CY) unknown TDN/IRR/MNS/NOB Cyprus
2171 2007-11-14 36 N.N. drowned, 30 missing, 6 found in shore of Sidi Ifni (MA), ship sank on way from (MA) to (E) unknown Can7/NOB 0
2428 2007-11-10 3 N.N. (2 men, 1 woman) bodies found at Alboran on Andalusian coast (E) unknown ABC/MUGAK/NOB 0 http://afrol.com/articles/27202
2117 2007-11-09 58 N.N. (young people) drowned, after boat was engulfed with fire on way from Banjul (Gambia) to Spain Gambia Afrol/APDA/MUGAK/ELM/Diario de Noticias/LV/Canarias7 0
2173 2007-11-09 5 N.N. died in the hospital of Nouadhibou (Mauritania), part of group with 49 thrown overboard unknown ABC Mauritania
2041 2007-11-08 1 N.N. shot and killed by border guard trying to cross into northwestern Greece unknown Reu./PICUM Greece
2163 2007-11-07 52 N.N. died of starvation and dehydration, boat motor broke down on way from Senegal to E Gambia/Mali/Senegal/Guinea ELM/DiarioVasco/Diario de Navarra/MNS/Diario de Noticias/ABC/PUB/ELC/MUGAK/APDHA/PICUM/Vivre 0
2114 Nov 2007 1 N.N. (man) inanimate body washed ashore near Ghazaouet (DZ) Ivory Coast QUOTI Algeria
2115 Nov 2007 1 Eid Shaaban (37, man) drowned after shipwreck on way from Egypt to Italy, familiars identified the body Egypt LAT 0
2116 Nov 2007 57 N.N. (men) drowned after shipwreck on way from Alexandria (Egypt) to Italy Egypt LAT 0 http://medios.mugak.eu/noticias/noticia/119539
3054 Nov 2007 59 N.N. (man) drowned, 56 died from hunger on a boat to Canary Islands, 3 died when landed in Lagüera Senegal EP/Medios Western Sahara
2164 2007-10-29 17 N.N. drowned, 9 found, 8 missing after shipwreck near Catania (I) unknown MUGAK/AFVIC Italy
2017 2007-10-28 7 N.N. (men) drowned, found off Roccella Jonica coast, Calabria (I) when boat capsized on way from Egypt Palestine MNS/PICUM/LESP/jW/LR/MUGAK/AVUI 0
2113 2007-10-28 9 N.N. (1 child) drowned, bodies found off Vendicari, Sicily (I) by coast guard after their boat sank unknown LR/MNS/PICUM/MUGAK/AVUI Italy
2112 2007-10-24 57 N.N. discovered boat with 7 bodies, 50 still missing, tried to reach Spain from Cape Verde Mali/Giunea/Africa Icare/EFE/EP/EPress/Le Soleil/AFVIC/MUGAK/Taz 0
2019 2007-10-18 10 N.N. suicide, jumped into sea in desperation after vessel drifting, way from Mauritania to E Mali MNS/PICUM/Le Courrier 0
2058 2007-10-17 1 N.N. (25, man) suicide, hanged himself in the garden of detention centre for migrants in Modena (I) Maghreb INDi/ASGI/GLOPRO Italy
2172 2007-10-16 49 N.N. manner of death unknown, bodies thrown overboard on the way from Mauritania to Spain unknown ABC 0
2016 2007-10-15 1 N.N. (young person) died of dehydration in hospital in Tenerife (E) after 12 days sailing from Gambia Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/PICUM/Can7/EFE/MUGAK Spain
2057 2007-10-15 1 N.N. (23, man) suicide, hanged himself in his cell in Modena (I) detention centre Nigeria MP/INDi/ASGI/GLOPRO Italy
2144 2007-10-10 1 Shaukat Ali (61, man) suicide, after asylum claim rejected, he hanged himself at his flat in Birkby (GB) Pakistan HEXAM/IRR GB
2183 2007-10-08 3 N.N (man) drowned,3 missing, coast guard found boat with 117 illegal migrants near Zakynthos Isl. (GR) unknown VK Greece http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2007/10/09/espana/1191915684.html
3194 2007-10-08 1 N.N. (male) drowned, body found near the coast of Níjar (E) Africa ELM Spain
1962 2007-10-04 1 Mike Osei (34, man) fell from the 7th floor running away from Police check in Amsterdam (NL) Ghana Karawane Netherlands http://www.kuna.net.kw/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=1845324&language=en
2080 Oct 2007 15 N.N. drowned, shipwreck near Balikesir (TR) crossing the border from TR to GR, 11 survivors unknown Kuna Turkey
2082 Oct 2007 3 N.N. drowned, bodies pulled out of the sea near the Sejname coast (TN) Algeria QUOTI 0
2084 Oct 2007 1 N.N. suicide under a train after asylum claim refused (GB), he lost his job, had a lot of debt Shri Lanka TheNews GB
2087 2007-09-26 1 Laucling Sonko (29, man) manslaughter, Spanish Guard brought him back to MA cutting his inflatable mattress Senegal Guardian Un./ST/Telegraph/Picum/ELM/MUGAK/EP/Publico/MNS/Can7/ABC/LV/OSF Spain
2259 2007-09-26 1 N.N. (±25, man) died of exhaustion, after being rescued trying to swim from Morocco to Ceuta (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EPress Spain
2430 2007-09-25 3 N.N. (±25) reportedly drowned, decomposing bodies found by Ghazaouet coast (DZ), likely on way to E Algeria NOB/FE 0