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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
2341 2009-10-29 3 N.N. bodies found on a boat tracked southeast of Cartagena on Spain’s southern coast Algeria EXP/UnSarda/EarthT/EP/PUB/PICUM/NOB Spain
2336 2009-10-27 9 N.N. (±30, 1 man, 3 w, 5 childr) drowned after wooden boat from TR collided with rocks on the island of Mytilini (GR) Afghanistan LR/TDN/Le Figaro/CDS/Migreurop/ANSA/gara.net/Picum/NOB Greece
2338 2009-10-27 1 N.N. found on boat escorted to (I), (M) refused for 3 days to receive them in their territory unknown LR/Can7/Picum/NOB 0
2383 2009-10-15 16 N.N. (1 woman, 1 child) drowned, 11 died, 5 missing, boat capsized trying to cross Tisza river (RS) to (H) Kosovo Picum/UNMIK/NOB Hungary
2929 2009-10-12 7 N.N. (4 women, 3 children) drowned, boat sank by Kani-Keli, southern Mayotte, on way from Comoros unknown Malanga France
2337 2009-10-10 1 Mohammad Atif Kamran (25, m) murdered, beaten, dragged in police station of Nikaia (GR) and tortured to death Pakistan Anarkismo/IRR Greece
2382 2009-10-06 7 N.N. drowned, 4 died, 3 missing, trying to swim with a dinghy to the coast of Gela (I) Egypt/Somalia Picum/EveryOne Group/NOB Italy
2612 2009-10-06 1 Hasun Albaadzh (man) medical neglect, died in Busmantsi detention centre (BG) where he had been held for 3 years Syria IRR Bulgaria
2378 2009-09-19 28 N.N. (7 women, 1 man) drowned, 8 found, 20 missing, small boat sank off the coast of (MA) near Perejil Island (E) Sub-Saharan Africa AFP/EP/DiarioVasco/Razon/ELM/ELC/PerCat/Xinhua/APDHA/NOB Spain
2468 2009-09-14 1 Gagandeep Singh K. (32, man) suicide, died of heart attack due to a month-long hunger strike in prison in Wien (A) India DerStandard/FRO/WIKO/Asyl in Not/RoterP Austria
2606 2009-09-10 1 Hassan Rahimi (boy) suicide, unaccompanied minor who hanged himself in London (GB) as he feared eviction Afghanistan IRR GB
2335 2009-08-29 1 N.N. manner of death unknown, died during boat trip, found in Granadilla, Tenerife Island (E) Maghreb Diario de Noticia/ElDia/ABC/Verdad/DNG/Deia/gara.net/Diario de Navarra/PUB/DiarioVasco/EP/ELM/P Spain
2377 2009-08-28 1 N.N. (woman) drowned during rescue operation in Birzebuggia coast (M) on her way from Africa Africa Gara/MUGAK/NOB Malta
2611 2009-08-25 1 Mahmum O (26, man) suicide, asylum seeker found hanging in prison cell in Nuremburg (D) four days earlier Iraq IRR Germany
2507 2009-08-24 1 Mrs T. (32, woman) suicide, overdose to family being moved to an asylum seekers camp in Mittweida (D) Libanon ARI Germany
2320 2009-08-20 72 N.N. (55 man, 17 woman) bodies thrown overboard after 23 days traveling from Libya to Lampedusa (I) Eritrea LR/CDS/GE/FE/MUGAK/EP/AFP/GARA/ANSA/Nouvel Obs/ASGI/NOB 0
2373 2009-08-17 27 N.N. (1 man) drowned,7 found, 20 missing, 10 survived, shipwreck near Trafalgar beach in southern Spain Sub-Saharan Africa/Morocco LatinAHTribune Spain
2839 2009-08-16 1 Jasraj Singh Kataria (23 months) fell from third floor window of an unfitted accommodation provided by a UKBA contractor Afghanistan IRR GB
2376 2009-08-12 2 N.N. drowned, 2 died, motorboat sank off the coast of Kos Island (GR) on the way from TR Turkey FE/Picum/Cesdop/NOB Greece
2321 2009-08-10 20 N.N. murdered, guards opened fire during their escape attempt from det. cr. in Banghazi (LY) Somalia FE/VOA Libya
2322 2009-08-09 1 N.N. stowaway, body found on hallway Brindisi-Lecce (I) thrown over truck with 17 survivors unknown CDS/NOB Italy
2523 2009-08-09 12 N.N. missing after Benghazi (LY) massacre by police, in detention centre along LY to Italy route Somalia FE/GiovaniE 0
2524 2009-08-09 6 N.N. killed by police in Benghazi massacre (LY), when prisoners tried to escape detention centre Somalia FE/GiovaniE Libya
2534 2009-08-09 1 Heval Huseyn Ismail (28, man) suicide, failed asylum seeker who hanged himself in a South Shields park (GB) Kurdistan ShieldsG/IRR GB
2372 2009-08-08 12 N.N. 1 died, 11 missing, boat collided with Algerian coast guard vessel in the port of Annaba (DZ) unknown BBC/Migreurop/NOB Algeria
2375 2009-08-06 1 F.A. (27, woman) suicide, threw herself in the Brembo River in Bergamo (I) in fear of deportation Morocco LR/IRR Italy
2374 2009-08-03 12 N.N. (1 man) drowned, 1 died, 11 missing, wooden boat capsized 4 miles from Cabo de Palos (E) Algeria EP/Verdad/ELM/RAZ/MUGAK Spain
2324 2009-07-27 1 Arivan Osman Asis (20, man) murdered, beaten by border guards in his attempt to embark to reach I, died in GR hospital Iraq AFP Greece
2355 2009-07-27 1 N.N. reportedly drowned, parts of a body found along la Fontanilla beach of Marbella (E) unknown FE/SUR Spain
2351 2009-07-25 1 Luis Beltran Larrosa (56, man) died of heart attack in Tenerife (E), employer did not call for assistance as Luis was illegal Uruguai Can7/VDG/ElDia/Publico Spain
2353 2009-07-14 1 N.N. died at the hospital of El Hierro, Canary Islands (E), after boat arrived in La Estaca harbour Sub-Saharan Africa Verdad/Diario de Navarra Spain
2531 2009-07-14 1 Azad Hayi (28, man) manslaughter, beaten by neonazis whilst returning to Möhlau asylum centre (D) at night Kurdistan taz Germany
2352 2009-07-12 2 N.N. 1 died on board during travel, 1 died at the hospital of El Hierro (E) because of dehydration Sub-Saharan Africa Publico/EP/Diario de Noticia/VDG/Gara/Verdad/Diario de Navarra Spain
2356 2009-07-01 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found 42 miles south of Cabo de Gata in Almeria (E) by Liberian ship Sub-Saharan Africa PICUM 0
2394 2009-06-29 9 N.N. (3 women, 5 men, 1 child) drowned, wooden boat collided with rocks off Barbate (E), traffickers imprisoned for murder Maghreb PICUM/SUR/Publico/EP/ELM/Verdad/DiarioVasco/MNS/NOB/AdnE Spain
2359 2009-06-23 1 Amir Rohol (19, boy) stowaway, fell from the truck he was hidden, died in hospital 3h later in Ancona (I) Afghanistan PICUM/LR/MP/NOB Italy
2357 2009-06-19 1 N.N. (20, man) suicide in a cell in Barcelona (E) hanging himself with his own shirt, arrested because illegal Ecuador EP/AVUI/MUGAK Spain
2358 2009-06-17 2 N.N. (men) 1 drowned, 1 missing after shipwreck due to stormy waters 30 miles south Cartagena (E) Algeria LV/Verdad/PICUM/NOB 0
2319 2009-06-04 25 N.N. (men, women, 8 babies) missing after their boat sank 10 miles off Tarifa, Cadiz (E) on the way from Tanger (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa/Morocco ABC/MUGAK/EP/ELM/LV/EFE/Diario de Navarra /GARA/DNG/Verdad/ElDia/EPress/APDHA/ELC/MNS/NOB Spain
2917 2009-06-03 34 N.N. reportedly drowned, boat hit a rock between Anjouan (Comoros) and Mayotte (F) Comoros Malango Africa
2925 2009-06-03 1 M’manga Soule drowned, boat hit a rock between Anjouan (Comoros) and Mayotte (F) Comoros Malango Africa
2926 2009-06-03 1 Atiki drowned, boat hit a rock between Anjouan (Comoros) and Mayotte (F) Comoros Malango Africa
2360 Jun 2009 1 N.N. (16, boy) suicide after his asylum claim was rejected in asylum seeker center Varmland (S) unknown IRR Sweden
2363 2009-05-27 1 Mir Abbas Safari (36, man) suicide after 67 days in detention centre in Gavle (S) in fear of being deported Afghanistan IRR/UPP/NewsD Sweden
2547 2009-05-19 1 Jonathan Sizalina (20, man) reported suicide using tshirt but guards reportedly beat him in Barcelona detention centre(E) Ecuador SetDirecta/FAIV Spain
2916 2009-05-19 1 N.N (man) road accident, tried to jump onto moving truck on motorway in Teteghem (F) towards B Vietnam VoixDuNord France
2297 2009-05-07 1 N.N. (49, woman) suicide in the detention centre of Ponte Gallera, in Roma (I) Tunisia IlMess/IRR Italy
2574 May 2009 2 N.N. drowned whilst travelling from Turkey to Greece on Evros River (GR) Somalia MNS Greece
2575 May 2009 1 N.N. drowned whilst travelling from Turkey to Greece on Evros River (GR) Tunisia MNS Greece
2308 2009-04-30 1 N.N. (man) died in the hospital in Tarifa (E) after Spanish authorities blocked a boat from Tangier (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa EFE/NOB Spain
2281 2009-04-23 35 N.N. (26 men, 9 women) drowned, bodies found after shipwreck 250 km east of Aden (Yemen) on way from Somalia Africa MUGAK/Can7/EFE/UNHCR/LR/GARA 0
2282 2009-04-23 20 N.N. missing after shipwreck, 250 km east of Aden (Yemen), coming from Somalia, 165 survivors Africa MUGAK/Can7/EFE/UNHCR/LR/GARA 0
2303 2009-04-23 2 N.N. reportedly died of hypothermia, found by Spanish authorities in the Strait of Gibraltar (E) unknown MUGAK/EFE/Diario de Navarra/PICUM/EHAR/NOB 0
2276 2009-04-18 1 N.N. body found by Mauritanian guards on a boat near Nouadhibou on way to Canary Islands (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MUGAK/EFE/ElDia/Diario de Navarra Mauritania
2289 2009-04-16 1 Esat Ekos (19, pregnant woman) died during rescue operation, boat waited 4 days before to be allowed to reach Italian coasts Nigeria MUGAK/TimesM/Diario de Navarra/Verdad/LR/PUN/VDG/LR/SIR/Deia/Nouvel Obs/Tisc/IlMess/LS/CDS/MOP/A 0
2328 2009-04-05 1 N.N. (26, man) stabbed after a brawl in Villemin square, Paris (F), where he lived as asylum seeker Afghanistan Reu/Ya.F/MSF/MRAP/CSE10/AFP France
2316 2009-04-03 2 N.N. (1 man, 1 woman) bodies found on a boat reportedly from (LY) 60 km off Lampedusa’s Southern coast (I) Africa ANSA/AVV/NOB 0
2913 2009-04-01 300 N.N. drowned, reportedly 3 boats capsized on way from Libya to presumely Italy Algeria/ Somalia/ Nigeria/ Eritrea VK/Zeit/MET Libya http://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/apr/01/migrants-drown-libyan-coast
2301 2008-11-01 1 N.N. (woman) body found in an advanced state of decomposition in Mediterranean Sea, off Delimara (M) Africa TimesM/NOB Malta
2188 2008-10-29 3 N.N. (2 adults, 1 minor) 2 found in a boat at La Gomera coast (E), 1 died of hypothermia later in the hospital Sub-Saharan Africa EP/NOB Spain
2345 2008-10-29 2 N.N. drowned, recovered by Greek border police in eastern Aegean Sea facing the Turkish coast unknown PICUM 0
2502 2008-10-26 1 Muhammad Asraf injured in police violence, in asylum seekers queue outside Aliens’ directorate in Athens (GR) Pakistan ECRE/ST/Vluchteling/IRR/MNS 0
2298 2008-10-23 1 N.N. (woman) found by boat in advanced state of decomposition in Mediterranean Sea between LY and M Africa TimesM 0
2342 2008-10-23 1 N.N. (17) drowned in a southern Albanian lagoon close to Greece after overloaded boat capsized Albania FE/Javno/NOB 0
2343 2008-10-23 2 N.N. (young people) drowned in a southern Albanian lagoon close to Greece after overloaded boat capsized Albania Javno 0
2227 2008-10-20 1 N.N. (22, woman) drowned in a lagoon in Southern AL after boat capsized trying to avoid police checkpoint Albania Reu/Picum/Javno/NOB Albania
2228 2008-10-20 1 N.N. (3 months, baby) drowned in a lagoon in Southern AL after boat capsized trying to avoid police checkpoint Albania Reu/Picum/Javno/NOB Albania
2440 2008-10-20 1 N.N. (man) manner of death unknown, body found on boat with 92 survivors arriving in Gran Canaria (E) Africa NOB/TySp Spain
2546 2008-10-20 1 N.N. killed, shot by Libyan civilian as his migrant boat left Libya for Europe unknown HRW Libya
2752 2008-10-19 1 N.N. (60, woman) suicide, set herself on fire to protest against the deportation of her Armenian partner France SP France
2300 2008-10-18 1 N.N. (woman) body found in advanced state of decomposition in Mediterranean Sea, off Delimara (M) Africa TimesM Malta
2268 2008-10-12 1 N.N. (man) suicide in the Vottem det. cr. (B) after hearing his asylum claim had been rejected Serbia IRR/MNS/GRAPPE/CRACPE/VRF Belgium
2911 2008-10-10 23 N.N. (1 man, 1 woman) drowned, boat sank on way from Anjouan to Mayotte (F), 3 bodies found and 20 missing Zimbabwe Malango Africa
2194 2008-10-07 50 N.N. drowned, boat capsized due to stormy waters in Kenitra (MA) Africa MNS/NOB Morocco
2443 2008-10-06 2 N.N. (men) drowned, found between Evros River delta and Alexandroupolis port (GR) by fishing boat Iraq NOB/KI Greece
2229 2008-10-05 18 N.N. stowaways, died from asphyxiation in a truck from Istanbul (TR) to (GR) after traffic accident Pakistan, Myanmar Picum/Nt7/TodZam/NOB Turkey
2442 2008-10-05 4 N.N. (3 men, 1 boy) drowned, bodies found between Evros River delta and Alexandroupolis port (GR) Iraq NOB/KI Greece
2444 2008-10-05 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, struck by car after falling off the truck he was hidden under on highway A381 (E) Morocco NOB/EP Spain
2445 2008-10-05 1 N.N. stowaway, body found by Civil Guard in Melilla, was hiding in car compartment to enter Spain Sub-Saharan Africa NOB/Verdad Spain
2446 2008-10-04 2 N.N. (men) decomposing bodies found by Rescue Guard along coast between Estepona and Casares (E) unknown NOB/Sur Spain
2441 2008-10-02 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found by fishermen pulling in the nets near the shore of Alexandroupolis (GR) Iraq NOB/KI Greece
2344 Oct 2008 1 N.N. (40, man) suicide, hanged himself in detention centre in Bautzen (D) as he feared deportation Vietnam IRR/ARI Germany
2346 Oct 2008 2 N.N. (children) drowned, bodies discovered by GR and TR authorities in north of Aegean sea unknown PICUM/NOB 0
2347 Oct 2008 1 N.N. (woman) drowned, body discovered by GR and TR authorities in north of Aegean sea unknown PICUM/NOB 0
2348 Oct 2008 6 N.N. drowned, bodies discovered by GR and TR authorities in north of Aegean sea Iraq PICUM/NOB 0
2349 Oct 2008 11 N.N. drowned, bodies discovered by GR and TR authorities in north of Aegean sea unknown PICUM/NOB 0
2447 2008-09-27 4 N.N. (2 men) accidentally entered a minefield in Kastanea near Evros (GR), on the way to GR from Turkey 2 Georgia, 2 unknown NOB/KI Greece
2307 2008-09-12 25 N.N. died of thirst, found in advanced state of decomposition by Algerian apolice in Sahara (DZ) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS Algeria
2201 2008-09-11 13 N.N. bodies thrown overboard during the travel from Libya’s coast to Portopalo, Sicily (I) Africa RAI/FE/NOB 0 http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20080909/local/infants-in-critical-condition-after-migrants-boat-capsizes.224152
3195 2008-09-09 1 N.N. (female) drowned near Malta (M) after boat capsized Africa TM Malta
2278 2008-09-08 33 N.N. died on the way to Canary Isl. (E), survivors were found by Moroccan sea patrol Sub-Saharan Africa PICUM/EP/NOB 0
2438 2007-09-07 1 N.N. (man) heart attack in hospital, he arrived by boat in La Gomera (E) with other 117 migrants unknown NOB/EP Spain
2219 2008-09-06 1 Solyman Rashed (man) killed by car bomb in Kirkuk (Iraq) 2 weeks after voluntary repatriation from GB Iraq IRR Iraq
2439 2008-09-05 1 N.N. (26, man) reportedly drowned on way to I, body found at Oued Saboun beach near Skikda (DZ) Algeria NOB/FE Algeria
2748 2008-09-02 1 Frank Odame (36, man) died after falling from third floor of a tower block raided by police and immigration officials Ghana Guardian Un./IRR/INDgb/4wardUK/JCWI 0
2190 Sep 2008 12 N.N. drowned, shipwreck due to stormy waters , bodies found in Valletta (Malta) unknown ANSA, Jw/NOB Malta
2191 Sep 2008 1 Baj Singh (man, 33) crashed by truck in Trent Vale (GB) hiding under truck’s wheel India Ndtv/IRR GB
2225 Sep 2008 4 N.N. (± 27, men) bodies found in state of decomposition near the coast of Vega Baja de Alicante (E) unknown MNS/Picum Spain
2226 Sep 2008 13 N.N. drowned, thrown still alive into sea near Sicilian coasts (I) Ghana, Niger, Nigeria AFP/Picum/jW Italy
2263 Sep 2008 14 N.N. (men) 13 bodies found in the boat, 1 later in Arguineguin (E) after 12 days of trip from Mauritania Sub-Saharan Africa ABC/MUGAK/PrensaLibre/ElDia/NOB/jW/VK Spain