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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
1521 2004-10-01 30 N.N. missing, reportedly drowned near Lampedusa (I) unknown LR/Unipa Italy
2542 Oct 2004 50 N.N. road accident, crushed in a truck that overturned in Dirkou, Niger, heading for LY border unknown LESP/Gatti/Migreurop Niger
696 2004-09-30 2 N.N. reportedly drowned after their boat capsized on way to Fuerteventura (E) unknown APDHA Spain http://derstandard.at/1814062
3132 2004-09-30 1 N.N. died in minefield in Greece trying to cross the Turkish-Greek border Turkey DerStandard Greece
1684 2004-09-29 1 N.N. (40, man) suicide, set himself on fire in Paris (F) in front of his embassy Slovakia slovensko.com France
1891 2004-09-29 2 N.N. (4, 5, boys) drowned, fell into water playing near asylum centre in Harlingen (NL) Somalia/Kurdistan VK Netherlands
1848 2004-09-27 1 N.N. (23, man) died in detention Centre due to pulmonary embolism, lacking medical care Yugoslavia INDd 0
1646 2004-09-26 1 Ceife Yimene (24, man) suicide, found hanged in an emergency accommodation in Newcastle (GB) Ethiopia NCADC/IRR GB
1380 2004-09-21 4 N.N. drowned, found dead on a boat drifting a few miles from Zarzis (TN) unknown MP/AP/PICUM Tunisia
1669 2004-09-20 5 N.N. drowned, after their boat capsized in stormy waters off of the Greek coast near Samos Afghanistan PICUM 0 http://www.afrology.com/soc/immigrer.html
3106 2004-09-19 5 N.N. drowned near Algeciras (E) after shipwreck of a boat carrying other 36 migrants Tunisia Afrology Tunisia
1591 2004-09-11 1 Kalan Kara Karim (29, man) died while in detention in Great britain unknown GuardianUn./IRR/Scotman News GB
842 2004-09-10 1 N.N. (32, man) reportedly drowned, found at border of Playa de la Hípica (E) and Beni-Enzar (MA) Algeria APDHA Spain
1456 2004-09-09 8 N.N. reportedly drowned 50 km from Entellada-Fuerteventura (E) unknown MUGAK/APDHA/Statewatch Spain
1457 2004-09-09 5 N.N. reportedly drowned after shipwreck near Fuerteventura Africa MUGAK/PICUM/MNS Spain
1593 2004-09-09 1 N.N. (man) suicide, during his deportation from Almería (E) to Al-Hoceima (MA) Morocco MUGAK/APDHA/PICUM Spain
1484 2004-09-08 1 N.N. (man) suicide, found in Merksplas (B) detention centre, was denied medical help for depression Congo UE/MNS/sgcv Belgium
1539 2004-09-03 2 N.N. (men) drowned, found floating off the coast of Tangier (MA) unknown APDHA/MUGAK/VK Morocco http://elpais.com/diario/2004/09/04/espana/1094248811_850215.html
3131 2004-09-03 1 N.N. (man) drowned trying to swim from Morocco to Ceuta (E) Morocco EP Spain
1455 2004-09-02 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found near Benzú, Ceuta (E/MA) Maghreb MUGAK/APDHA Spain
1676 2004-09-02 1 Rafiq Sjirinov died after being deported from Sweden to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan MNS Azerbaijan
1375 Sep 2004 6 N.N.(±16, man) reportedly drowned, after shipwreck between Capo Bon (TN) and Pantelleria (I) unknown MP/Statewatch 0
1524 2004-09-01 1 N.N. (17, man) suicide, found hanged in his cell in Bellinzona (CH) Nigeria Vivre/MNS Switzerland
1381 2004-08-29 2 N.N. stowaways, bodies found in two trucks in Cairo (Egypt) on their way to Italy unknown ANA Egypt
1538 2004-08-29 1 N.N. drowned, found floating near harbor of Algeciras (E) Morocco MUGAK/APDHA Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2004/08/31/espana/1093903212_850215.html
3130 2004-08-29 1 N.N. (man, 30 years old) reportedly, drowned, jumped from ship to avoid border control in port of Algeciras (E) Morocco EP Spain
1389 2004-08-25 1 Amor Knis (25, man) stowaway, body found in the trunk of his girlfriend’s car in Genova (I) Tunesia RAI/ANSA/ILM Italy
1592 2004-08-24 1 N.N. (25, man) stowaway, found dead in the roof luggage rack of a car on way to Spain Morocco MNS Spain
1810 2004-08-23 5 N.N. 1 drowned, 4 missing, boat capsized on way from Altinoluk (TR) to Lesbos Island (GR) Afghanistan IMK 0
1756 2004-08-22 1 N.N. (man) drowned, body found after shipwreck by fishermen off the Turkish coast of Nordägäis Afghanistan DerStandard 0
1757 2004-08-22 4 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing after shipwreck off the coast of Nordägäis Afghanistan DerStandard 0
1334 2004-08-21 1 N.N. (man) drowned, jumped overboard in fear of border guards near Motril (E) Maghreb ELM/LOP/APDHA/MUGAK/StW Spain
1335 2004-08-21 1 N.N. (25, man) stowaway, dead body found in Playa de Palmones-Los Barrios, Cadiz (E) Morocco LOP/MUGAK/APDHA/Statewatch Spain
1372 2004-08-21 3 N.N. drowned, found in Los Pajaritos (E), after shipwreck near Fuerteventura (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/GRP/ANA/MUGAK/Statewatch/La Opinión Spain
1373 2004-08-21 1 N.N. drowned, body found in Los Pajaritos (E), after shipwreck near Fuerteventura (E) Mali ELM/GRP/ANA/MUGAK/La Opinión Spain
1426 2004-08-21 1 N.N. dead body found on the beach in Granada (E) Maghreb MUGAK/Statewatch Spain
1565 2004-08-21 2 N.N. drowned,after a shipwreck off the coast of Fuerteventura (E) Sub-Saharan Africa Statewatch Spain
1590 2004-08-20 1 N.N. (man) suicide , found dead in detention centre in Rotterdam (NL), in fear of deportation Nigeria MNS/VK Netherlands
1535 2004-08-17 14 N.N. drowned, found dead on the beach of El-Aaiún, West Sahara (MA) unknown APDHA Morocco
1534 2004-08-16 4 N.N. drowned, found dead on the beach of El-Aaiún, West Sahara (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA Morocco
1536 2004-08-16 16 N.N. drowned, after boat capsized with 34 people on way to Canary Islands (E) unknown APDHA Spain
1523 2004-08-15 1 N.N. (man) arm belonging to an asylum seeker found near Uznach (CH) unknown Vivre Switzerland
1330 2004-08-13 32 N.N. reportedly drowned, boat capsized with 39 people going to Fuerteventura (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MC/MP/ILM/MUGAK/APDHA/MNS/DS/ABC/Raz 0
1378 2004-08-13 1 N.N. (woman) drowned, after boat capsized on its way to Fuerteventura (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MC/MP/ILM/GRP/MUGAK/APDHA/MNS 0
1317 2004-08-09 1 Chukwuemeka Onyegbule(23,m) suicide, found hanged in Forest /Vorst Prison (Bruxelles), misterious circumstances Nigeria ISMD/UE/INDbe/EmekaIst. Belgium http://elpais.com/diario/2004/08/10/espana/1092088812_850215.html
3129 2004-08-09 1 N.N. reportedly drowned trying to reach Spain (E) Maghreb EP Spain
1319 2004-08-08 26 N.N. died in overcrowded boat trying to reach I from Libya, bodies thrown overboard North Africa Vivre/BBC/IRR/LaS/RO/LS/MUGAK/LR/DS/VK Italy
1407 2004-08-08 1 N.N. (man) died during rescue of an overcrowded boat trying to reach Italy from Libya North Africa Vivre/BBC/IRR/LaS/RO/LS/MUGAK/Vivre/LR 0
1413 2004-08-08 1 N.N. (1, boy) died in overcrowded boat trying to reach Italy from Libya, thrown off the boat Liberia CDS/Vivre 0
1533 2004-08-08 1 N.N. found dead, floating off the beach of Punta Carnero, Algeciras (E) unknown APDHA Spain
1387 2004-08-07 1 N.N. died during rescue attempt by Italian authorities in Syracuse (I) Africa ANA/ART 0
1391 2004-08-05 1 N.N. (30, pregnant woman) reportedly thrown off a boat to Italy by other migrants Sudan LS/STR/ILM/Unipa 0
1752 2004-08-05 1 N.N. (man) died in minefield at TR-GR border with 4 Palestinians and 2 Moroccan who survived Palestine YaN Greece
1379 2004-08-02 5 N.N. reportedly drowned, after shipwreck off the coast of Cadiz (E) North Africa ANA Spain
1390 Aug 2004 1 Taher Mohamed Zanati drowned, after shipwreck off the coast of Libya Egypt MP/ANSA Libya
1427 Aug 2004 1 N.N. stowaway, dead body found in a car in Cadiz (E) Morocco MUGAK Spain
1485 Aug 2004 1 Ako Mahmood Ahmed (25, man) suicide, jumped off a bridge at Coventry shopping cr.(GB), suffered from depression Iraq IRR/NCADC GB
1519 Aug 2004 18 N.N. drowned, found dead near Zelid (LY) unknown LR 0
1520 Aug 2004 23 N.N. reportedly drowned near Zelid (LY) unknown LR/Unipa 0
1825 Aug 2004 1 Edwin Ndupus (37, man) died after police’s use of teargas, circumstances not clear Nigeria Akin 0
1874 Aug 2004 5 N.N. (4 men, 1 woman) drowned after dinghy capsized on way from Libya to Italy Sudan/Ghana Servir 0
1305 2004-07-31 3 N.N. (men) drowned near Paloma Baja in Tarifa (E), after patera capsized with 33 people Maghreb MNS/MC/MUGAK/Terra/TN/Vivre Spain
1306 2004-07-31 1 N.N. (woman) drowned near Paloma Baja in Tarifa (E), after boat capsized with 33 people Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/MC/MUGAK/Terra/TN/Vivre Spain
1428 2004-07-31 1 N.N. (6 months) drowned near Punta Paloma in Tarifa (E), after boat capsized Sub-Saharan Africa ADN Spain
1412 2004-07-30 1 Carlos Requelme (50, man) suicide, found hanged in prison in Livorno (I), waiting to be put on trial Chile RIS Italy
1532 2004-07-30 10 N.N. reportedly drowned after boat capsized with 33 migrants near Punta Paloma (E) unknown APDHA Spain
1409 2004-07-28 1 N.N.(34, man) suicide, found hanged in prison in Busto Arsizio (I) after 4 days of detention Dominican Republic RIS Italy
1325 2004-07-26 1 N.N. (man) dead body found floating near the coast of Melilla (E/MA) Sub-Saharan-Africa MC/APDHA Spain
1318 2004-07-23 1 Tung Tran Quang (23, man) suicide, found hanged at Dungavel det. cr. (Scotland-GB),he was denied interpreter Vietnam IRR/SC/The Herald/NCADC GB
1759 2004-07-21 1 N.N. (20, man) stowaway, frozen in landing gear of an airplane from Dominican Republic to Düsseldorf Cuba SP Germany
1300 2004-07-19 1 Sergey Barnuyck (31, man) suicide, hanged himself in Harmondsworth Centre (GB) in fear of deportation Ukraine IRR/MSN/ERB/NCADC GB
1458 2004-07-09 1 N.N. (man) drowned,body found in Lanzarote (E) Morocco MUGAK Spain
1518 2004-07-05 5 N.N. reportedly drowned, found dead near Tripoli (LY) unknown ANSA/Unipa Libya
1410 2004-07-02 1 Nicolae Doru (37, man) suicide, found hanged in prison in Frosinone (I) in fear of deportation Romania RIS Italy
1304 Jul 2004 1 N.N. (25, man) suicide under psychiatric care at Akademiska S. in Uppsala after reject. of as.appl. Bangladesh MNS Sweden
1308 Jul 2004 1 N.N. (man) stowaway, presumly died in cargo ship Victoria, his body removed near Casablanca unknown MNS Morocco
1411 2004-07-01 1 Salah Talbouz (28, man) suicide, found hanged in prison in Ivrea (I) Morocco RIS Italy
1602 Jul 2004 1 N.N. (man) shot by the police in Purmerend (NL) in front of his flat Vietnam IRR Netherlands
1423 2004-06-29 9 N.N. drowned after shipwreck near Capo Bon (TN) unknown LR Tunisia
1424 2004-06-29 6 N.N. reportedly drowned after shipwreck near Capo Bon (TN) unknown LR Tunisia
1603 2004-06-25 1 Hussein Nasseri (26, man) suicide, shot himself in his car after his asylum claim was refused (GB) Iran SC/BBC/IRR/NCADC GB
1517 2004-06-24 1 N.N. drowned, dead body found near Lampedusa (I) unknown ILM/Unipa Italy
152 2004-06-14 1 Marisa Bartolomeu (22, woman) no medical care, died on way from recemption camp in Eindhoven (NL) to hospital Angola EindhovensDagblad/MAG/VK Netherlands
1323 2004-06-14 1 N.N. (man) dead body found in Vélez-Málaga beach (E), reportedly a refugee from a shipwreck unknown MC/APDHA Spain
1302 2004-06-10 1 Abdinassir Abdulatif (24, man) killed in Mogadishu (Somalia) after deportation from NL Somalia MNS/Vivre/VK Africa
1273 2004-06-08 1 N.N. (27, man) hanged himself in refugee housing facility in GB, police refused to reveal details unknown PAIH GB
1272 2004-06-07 9 N.N. decomposing bodies were found in the southwest of the island of Crete (GR) unknown ANSA Greece
1270 2004-06-06 6 N.N. (young men) drowned after their boat sank near the port of Sfax on way from Tunisia to Italy Tunisia LS/ANSA Tunisia
1271 2004-06-06 4 N.N. (men) reportedly drowned when boat sank off the Tunisian coast on way to Italy Tunisia LS/ANSA Tunisia
1601 2004-06-05 4 N.N. drowned, decomposed bodies retrieved from sea off island of Crete (GR) unknown MNS Greece
1598 2004-06-04 6 N.N. drowned on way to Italy, found dead after shipwreck near Sfax (Tunisia) Tunisia MNS Tunisia
1599 2004-06-04 4 N.N. reportedly drowned on way to Italy, found dead after shipwreck near Sfax (Tunisia) Tunisia MNS Tunisia
1301 Jun 2004 1 Mohamed Yahya (man) killed by other clan after deportation from DK to Mogadishu (Somalia) Somalia MNS/Vivre/VK Africa
1388 2004-05-28 1 Azrar Ayub (24) died at Prestwich hospital, after being sedated and restrained by staff unknown IRR GB
1531 2004-05-25 3 N.N. (men) found dead on highway A7, after being abandoned by driver of a van near San Roque (E) unknown APDHA/PICUM Spain
1570 2004-05-25 1 Georgy Petko (37, man) died in fear of deportation from Portugal to Ukraine, auth. overruled court sentence Ukraine PUB Ukraine
1303 2004-05-24 1 Kiann F. Ghaemzade (50, w) suicide while in a detention centre in Carlslund, near Stockholm (S) Iran MNS/ERB/UNHCR Sweden
1269 2004-05-23 4 N.N. stowaways, reportedly drowned, forced overboard 2000 km off Canary Islands Senegal SP/Statewatch/MNS/MUGAK/MC 0 http://elpais.com/diario/2004/05/22/espana/1085176818_850215.html
3105 2004-05-21 5 N.N. stowaways, suffocated in container in Las Palmas (E) Sub-Saharan Africa EP Spain
1808 2004-05-19 1 N.N. (22, man) asylum seeker murdered in park near Asylum Seeker Centre Tattes in Vernier (F) Guinea JdeGe/CO Switzerland