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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
1763 2006-01-30 9 N.N. reportedly drowned near Algerian coast, disappeared in an attempt to reach Spain unknown Satewatch/Aujourd’hui/FE Algeria
1854 2006-01-30 1 Salehdeim Fahssahi (38, man) died after arson attack on detention Centre Schrassing (L) Algeria Odysseus/PlaZa Belgium
1727 2006-01-24 1 Nuur Saed (22, man) died after falling from balcony, escaping police search in his flat in Plumstead (GB) Somalia IRR GB
1726 2006-01-23 8 N.N. drowned, 3 bodies found, 5 missing, boat capsised off the coast of El-Hoceima to Spain Morocco AFVIC/MNS/Statewatch/APDHA Morocco
1764 2006-01-21 3 N.N. found frozen on dinghy from TR to GR carrying migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh Pakistan/Bangladesh Statewatch/KI/FE/NOB 0
1813 2006-01-19 1 Bereket Yohannes (26, man) suicide, found hanged in Harmondsworth Immigr. Removal Cr. (GB) facing deportation Eritrea Statewatch/NCADC/IRR/NOB GB
1738 2006-01-11 1 N.N. died of heart attacked during police custody in Athens (GR) in fear of deportation Iraq MNS Greece http://www.elmundo.es/suplementos/cronica/2006/582/1166914811.html
3181 2006-01-07 1 N.N. (male) shot by police while trying to enter Melilla (E) Morocco ELM Spain
1724 2006-01-04 1 N.N. (man) drowned while swimming to the island of Lesbos (GR), after boat sank 80m from coast unknown NOB/MNS/Statewatch/KI/FE Greece
1930 In 2006 1 Ali Amen Nader (man) murdered by Yemeni authorities, rempatriated after asylum claim was refused in NL Yemen IHRC Yemen
2101 2006-01-01 1 Mhedy Aliy (30, man) died in detention center Pian Del Lago (I) Tunesia ILM/MP/Lib Italy
1734 2005-12-27 1 N.N. drowned, body found by a scuba diver and retrieved by the Spanish Sea Rescue Team Morocco Statewatch Spain
1735 2005-12-25 1 N.N. (30, man) drowned, found next to plastic bins tied together that helped him cross Spanish waters Morocco Statewatch/ELM/FE Spain
1642 2005-12-24 1 N.N. drowned, found by authorities on the beach of Cadiz (E) unknown MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM Spain
1719 2005-12-24 1 N.N. drowned, found by authorities on the beach of Cadiz (E) Morocco Statewatch/FE/ELM Spain
1720 2005-12-21 2 N.N. stowaway, died during journey to Kallo (NL), thrown from cargoship by compatriots Nigeria MNS/News24/FE/VK Netherlands
1722 2005-12-19 30 N.N. reportedly drowned after vessel capsised off the Canary Islands, only 4 bodies found Mauritania/Senegal MNS/Statewatch/NOB Spain
1699 2005-12-10 1 N.N. (man) found dead on a boat carrying immigrants in Strait of Gibraltar by Spanish authorities Africa Exodus 0
1700 2005-12-10 22 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing in stormy waters in the Gibraltar Strait on way to Spain Africa Exodus 0
1721 2005-12-09 2 N.N. blown in minefield at the TR-GR border. Bodies found by authorities in Kastanies (GR) unknown MNS/KI/FE Greece
1698 2005-12-08 1 Mohammed Hanif (27, man) suicide at asylum centre in Hechtel-Eksel (B), previously attempted suicide twice Bangladesh Universal Embassy (B) Belgium
1737 2005-11-30 1 N.N. drowned, found in advanced state of decomposition on Tarifa beach by Guardia Civil unknown Statewatch Italy
1703 2005-11-28 18 N.N. drowned, 6 found, 12 missing after boat capsized off the coast of Gran Canaria Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM/ABC/Raz/MUGAK Spain
1857 2005-11-28 1 N.N. (man) shot by police, on way to Europe refused to stop at check point at Carikci (TR) unknown FE Turkey
1704 2005-11-27 22 N.N. drowned, reportedly fallen from duckboat due to strong winds off the coast of Almeria Africa MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM/NOB/PICUM Spain
1705 2005-11-27 1 N.N. found on duckboat carrying 36 migrants off the coast of Almeria during rescue attempt Africa MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM Spain
1687 2005-11-25 1 N.N. (4, boy) died after falling off a window at Villa Salus Reception Cr. for migrants in Bologna (I) Romania LR Italy
1701 2005-11-25 3 N.N. (men) died of hypothermia in attempt to cross the border between Ukraine and Slovakia Asia State Border Service (UA) Slovakia
1858 2005-11-24 20 N.N. drowned after shipwreck near the coast of Sicily (I) unknown FE/LR/NOB Italy
1910 2005-11-23 1 N.N. (27, man) jumped from balcony anf fell in Den Haag (NL), in fear of arrest for deportation unknown MAG/PICUM/Oz/NU Netherlands
1691 2005-11-18 9 N.N. drowned after boat capsized off the coast of Sicily. Ignored by Maltese coast guards. Africa LR/MP/AD/MNS/Statewatch/FE/CDS/NOB/Unipa 0
1859 2005-11-15 1 N.N. (20, man) stowaway, driver lost control over truck attempting to escape police in Preveza (GR) unknown KI/FE Greece
1956 2005-11-12 1 Delroy Edward murdered by a shotgun in Kingston (Jamaica) 9 days after being deported from GB Jamaica IRR/WIK Jamaica
1866 2005-11-10 1 Lizwane Ndlovu (29, woman) died in Birmingham hospital, after release from Yarls Wood Detention Centre (GB) Zimbabwe IRR GB
1706 2005-11-02 30 N.N. 12 drowned, 18 missing after boat with 36 migrants capsized near Cesme (TR) unknown MNS/Statewatch/Ya.N/KI/FE/NOB 0
1707 2005-10-31 2 N.N. found on a drifting vessel off the coast of Adra near Almeria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/Statewatch Spain
1688 2005-10-26 1 Maribel M. Rodriguez (30, w) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Dominican Republic LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1689 2005-10-26 1 Kamal Shahin (51, man) burnt alive after fire in detention centre at Schipol Airport (NL) Turkey LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/Oz Netherlands
1690 2005-10-26 1 Taras Bilyk (30, man) burnt alive in detention cr. at Schiphol(NL).He was also known as Vitaly Khvylovyy. Ukraine LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/ASKV/CR Netherlands
1708 2005-10-26 1 Mehmet Avar (41, man) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Turkey LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1709 2005-10-26 1 Vladislav Leniev Petrov (31, m) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Bulgaria LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1710 2005-10-26 1 Lofti Al Swaee (32, man) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Libya LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1711 2005-10-26 1 Robert Jules Arah (34, man) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Suriname LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1712 2005-10-26 1 Naiva Apensa (43, man) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Suriname LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1713 2005-10-26 1 Gheorge Sas (21, man) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Romania LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1714 2005-10-26 1 Oksana Nynych (29, woman) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Ukraine LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1715 2005-10-26 1 Dato Khidiritsj Kasojef (20, m) burnt alive after a fire in detention centre at Schiphol Airport (NL) Georgia LR/MAG/MNS/Statewatch/VK/Vivre/ASKV/FE/PICUM/NRC/NOB/Parool/CR Netherlands
1695 2005-10-25 7 N.N. drowned, after vessel submerged off the coast of Malta Africa MNS/MM/FE/NOB Malta
1879 2005-10-25 1 N.N. body found by greek coastguard aboard boat with 150 migrants on way to Italy unknown NOB 0
2011 2005-10-21 1 Michail Sh. (32, man) suicide, hanged himself with bed sheets while in police custody in Hamburg (D) Russia ARI Germany
1733 2005-10-12 1 N.N. drowned, in the attempt of swimming to the shore of Adra (Almeria) unknown Statewatch/ELM/FENOB Spain
1696 2005-10-06 6 N.N. died in the attempt of entering the enclave of Melilla (E/MA) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/AFVIC/VK/LR/FE/ELM/NOB/AI Spain
1656 2005-10-04 1 Yankuba Ceesay (18, man) suicide, found dead in a security cell in Linz (A), hungerstrike in fear of deportation Gambia TheStandard/NR/MNS/ORF/PICUM/WIKO Austria
1654 2005-10-01 1 N.N. (38, man) died at friends’ house, beaten by security guards when he refused to be deported Algeria Le Matin/Vivre 0
1736 2005-10-01 17 N.N. drwoned, 3 found, 14 missing after boat capsised off Fuerteventura in rescue attempt unknown Statewatch/MUGAK/ABC/Raz 0
1911 2005-10-01 1 Hassan Mohammad (30, man) suicide, killed friend and her son, jumped from 5th floor in NL, fear of repatriation Afghanistan VK/aduc/Diario de Noticias/Diario de Navarra Netherlands
1912 2005-10-01 2 N.N. (35, woman, 8, boy) murdered, pushed down from 5th floor in NL by friend in fear of repatriation unknown VK Netherlands
2217 Oct 2005 1 Suleiman Dialo (30, man) suicide, asylum seeker suffering from depression killed himself in Newcastle (GB) Guinea Cpgb GB
2589 Oct 2005 11 N.N. shot by Spanish and Moroccan police whilst trying to cross fences to Ceuta (E) unknown APDHA/Chabacka Spain
1657 2005-09-29 1 N.N. (30, man) found off the coast of Agrigento (I), drowned after a massive disembarkment Africa LR Italy
1697 2005-09-28 5 N.N. died shot by Moroccan border guards, attempting to enter in Ceuta (E/MA) Sub-Saharan Africa NR/NRC/VK/NOB/AI/Terra Spain
1692 2005-09-27 34 N.N. drowned, after boat capsised in stormy waters off the North coast of Cyprus unknown ILM/NOB Cyprus
1693 2005-09-27 1 N.N. (20, man) drowned, jumped off stranded boat off the coast of Sicily, near marina di Palma (I) Palestine LS/GDS Italy
1665 2005-09-21 18 N.N. drowned off the coast of Morocco, near Dakhla, on their way to Canary Islands Sub-Saharan Africa AFVIC/NOB Morocco
1667 2005-09-21 4 N.N. found dead on a boat off the coast of Tunisia, traveling from Libya to Italy Africa PICUM 0
1683 2005-09-19 1 N.N. shot by a Turkish coast guard while on a boat on its way to Greece Syria MNS/Spiegel/NOB Turkey
1639 2005-09-15 1 Manuel Bravo (35, man) suicide, found hanged at Yarl’ s Wood Removal Cr. (GB) so that his son could stay in GB Angola NCADC/BBC/MNS/Statewatch/TI/Leedstoday/IRR GB
1664 2005-09-15 1 N.N. died in Melilla Hospital (E/MA) after attempt to enter the Spanish enclave Congo AFVIC/AI Spain
1640 2005-09-14 1 Edmore Ngwenya (26, man) suicide,found drowned at Salford Quays (GB) Zimbabwe NCADC/Manchester Evening News/IRR GB
1655 2005-09-13 1 N.N. (24, man) found dead, on a street in Geneva (CH), expelled from immigration centre Liberia Le Courrier/Vivre Switzerland http://www.repubblica.it/2005/i/sezioni/cronaca/sbarchi3/sbarchi3/sbarchi3.html
1674 2005-09-11 11 N.N. drowned, off the coast of Italy near Gela (7 Egyptian traffickers were caught) Eritrea Unita/MNS/GDS/MP/LS/BBC/NOB/Unipa Italy
1633 2005-09-10 11 N.N. found dead on Licata Beach (I), drowned after boat got stranded south of Gela (I) Eritrea MNS/LR/VK 0
1682 2005-09-10 1 N.N. (44, woman) shot by Greek border guard near the border with Macedonia Albania MNS Greece
1666 2005-08-29 2 N.N. died of injuries sustained attempting to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla (E/MA) Cameroon APDHA/MP/IND/NOB Spain http://mayottesansfrontieres.blogspot.nl/2006_01_01_archive.html
3095 2005-08-22 25 N.N. drowned, after shipwreck from Ajouan to Mayotte (F) Africa Mayotte sans frontires France
1626 2005-08-19 26 N.N. drowned, after boat capsized south of Malta Sudan MNS/NOB/Unipa 0
1694 2005-08-16 2 N.N. drowned, jumped off the boat while disembarking in Lampedusa (I) Africa G.Sicilia/Unipa Italy http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2005/08/16/sociedad/1124151018.html
3158 2005-08-16 3 N.N. reportedly died of starvation/dehydration on the way to Canary Islands (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM 0
1630 2005-08-13 4 N.N. (men) stowaways, suffocated in container coming from Casablanca (MA) in Rotterdam (NL) Sub-Saharan Africa PICUM/NOB Netherlands
1652 2005-08-08 9 N.N. 2 drowned, 7 missing after boat capsized off the coast of Lesbos (GR) unknown PICUM Greece
1653 2005-08-06 1 N.N. (man) drowned after his boat sank off the southern coast of Crete (GR) unknown PICUM/NOB Greece http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2005/08/06/sociedad/1123320437.html
1634 2005-08-04 23 N.N. (men) found dead on the coast of Tarfaya (MA), drowned after boat capsized on way to (E) Mali, Senegal MNS/PICUM/NOB 0
1627 2005-08-03 1 N.N. (±30, man) stowaway, found frozen in the landing gear of a plane in Brussels (B) unknown BBC Belgium http://www.repubblica.it/2005/h/sezioni/cronaca/sbarchinuovi2/sbarchinuovi2/sbarchinuovi2.html
3049 Aug 2005 130 N.N. Reported drowned after boat went missing near Sicily, used mobile satellite to ask help (I) unknown Repubblica Italy
1716 2005-07-20 2 N.N. drowned after small boat capsised in attempt to reach Kos island in the Aegean Sea unknown ORF Greece
1660 2005-07-13 3 N.N. drowned, after their boat capsized off the coast of Turkey near Izmir Somalia MNS/NOB 0
1641 2005-07-07 1 Babak Ahadi (33, man) suicide, set fire to himself at accommodation cr.in Bristol (GB) in fear of deportation. Iran NCADC/IRR GB http://www.repubblica.it/2005/f/sezioni/cronaca/lampd/tirclan/tirclan.html
3119 2005-07-04 2 N.N. (men) stowaways, died hidden in truck in Vicenza (I) Iraq LR Italy
1728 2005-07-02 1 Nusrat Raza (22, woman) suicide, set herself on fire in Bradford (GB), depression after losing asylum appeal Pakistan YP/IRR GB
2012 2005-07-01 1 N.N. (22, man) died of overheating, found on a parking place in Ludwigsfeld (D), smuggled, paid $5000 Iraq ARI Germany
1628 2005-06-27 1 Ramazan Kumluca (19, man) suicide, found hanged at Campsfield Removal Cr.(GB) after 3rd as. claim was refused Kurdistan TI/IRR/NCADC/BBC/PICUM/Independent GB
1662 2005-06-26 2 N.N. drowned, after boat capsized off the coast of Turkey near Dikili Tunesia MNS/NOB Turkey
1717 2005-06-23 27 N.N. reportedly drowned in stormy waters off Malta, Maltese rescue-team came too late unknown ORF/Unipa 0 http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2005/06/18/sociedad/1119085224.html
3083 2005-06-18 12 N.N. died of starvation on a boat on its way to Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM 0 http://mayottesansfrontieres.blogspot.nl/2006_01_01_archive.html
3086 2005-06-17 11 N.N. reportedly drowned, after boat sank while trying to reach Mayotte Island (F) Comoros 0 Mayotte http://elpais.com/elpais/2005/06/15/actualidad/1118823422_850215.html
3138 2005-06-15 1 N.N. (±20, pregnant) reportedly drowned, while trying to reach Gran Canaria Sub-Saharan Africa EP Spain
1670 2005-06-13 12 N.N. drowned, after their boat sank off the coast of Morocco on their way to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA 0
1671 2005-06-13 14 N.N. (2 men,6 women,6 minors) drowned, after shipwreck off the coast of Tanger on their way from Morocco to Spain. Sub-Saharan Africa BBC/APDHA/AFVIC/NCAs/IstitutoInnocenti/NOB 0
1651 2005-05-29 2 N.N. blown in a mine filed between Turkey and Greece while crossing border Georgia MAG Greece
1880 2005-05-27 11 N.N. died from dehydration near Algerian border after vehicle broke down in desert unknown NOB/Thestar 0