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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
1805 Aug 2006 1 Karol (18 months) died of starvation crossing from Libya to Lampedusa (I), parents throw her overboard Sierra Leone ANSA/LR 0
1806 Aug 2006 2 N.N. (±7) reportedly died of starvation on the way to Lampedusa (I), bodies thrown overboard unknown ANSA/LR 0 http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2006/08/01/espana/1154464419.html
1811 2006-08-01 28 N.N. drowned, bodies washed up near Blibilat coasts (MA), trying to reach Canary Isl. (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/FE/BBC/TS/Statewatch/NOB/APDHA 0
1821 Aug 2006 4 N.N. died in Mauritania Hospital after gas bottle explosion in ship from Dakar (SN) Senegal MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM/Boston/NOB Mauritania
2092 2006-08-01 1 Van N. (29, man) car accident in Dannenreich (D) fleeing from a police chase during an identity control Vietnam BF/VK/IN Germany
2093 2006-08-01 1 Duc N. (24, man) car accident in Dannenreich (D) fleeing from a police chase during an identity control Vietnam BF/VK/IN Germany
2095 2006-08-01 1 Thi N. (23, woman) car accident in Dannenreich (D) fleeing from a police chase during an identity control Vietnam BF/VK/IN Germany
2184 Aug 2006 1 Modjtaba Farahian (28, man) suicide, in his house in Vlissingen (NL) in fear of deportation Afghanistan Oz Netherlands
1732 2006-07-30 2 N.N. reportedly died of sunstroke, bodies found on boat arrived in Los Cristianos (E) unknown NOB/TS Spain
1830 2006-07-30 1 N.N. (man) died of starvation after been hospitalized in Palermo (I) after shipwreck in Lampedusa unknown IPL/LR/FE/Statewatch/NOB Italy
1769 2006-07-29 13 N.N. reportedly died of starvation on a boat with 14 survivors drifting off Lampedusa (I) unknown BBC/IPL/FE/LR/Statewatch/MNS/NOB/Unipa Italy
1816 2006-07-29 17 N.N. (5 men, 5 women, 7 child.) drowned after shipwreck near the coasts of Malta, Italian vassel rescued 12 survivors unknown MNS/LR/FE/IPL/Statewatch/NOB/MM/Unipa Malta
1817 2006-07-28 2 N.N. (men) drowned during rescue operation, boat was intercepted near Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/ELM/FE/Statewatch/NOB/Pravda/APDHA/taz/jW Spain
1818 2006-07-28 2 N.N. (1 men, 1 young) died on rescue ship, boat was intercepted near Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/ELM/FE/Pravda/NOB/APDHA/taz/jW Spain
1944 2006-07-28 34 N.N. drowned:12 found, 22 missing shipwreck on Senegalesian waters on way to Spain unknown APDHA Senegal
1779 2006-07-27 1 N.N. died of starvation, found on boat arrived in Canary Isl. (E) carrying 111 survivors unknown Statewatch/APDHA Spain
1804 2006-07-26 17 N.N. reportedly drowned, all bodies missing, boat from Libya to Italy sank off Mahdia (TN) Sub-Saharan Africa Statewatch/ELM/FE/Reu/IPL 0
1886 2006-07-26 1 Rahman Sadedim (boy, 2) died of pneumonia, got no medical care in asylum center Sweikhuizen, Geeuwenbrug (NL) Macedonia VK Netherlands
1790 2006-07-25 2 N.N. died after explosion in minefield in Evros (GR) trying to cross Turkish-Greek border Asia PICUM/KI/MNS/NOB Greece
1792 2006-07-24 2 N.N. found dead from hypothermia in a boat with 48 survivors, Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/ELM/FE/Statewatch/BBC/PICUM/NOB/APDHA/taz Spain
1803 2006-07-24 3 N.N. (men, 24, woman) reportedly drowned, bodies found by coast guards on a beach in Gela (I) unknown Statewatch/FE/CDS/IPL Italy
1942 2006-07-23 4 N.N. died of starvation, thrown overboard boat with 48 survivors arrived Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA Spain
1943 2006-07-23 4 N.N. suicide: abandoned boat during their way to arrive in Gran Canaria (E) Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA Spain
1802 2006-07-22 2 N.N. (men) died of starvation in Hospital after had been rescued in ship arrived at Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa Statewatch/FE/ELM/PICUM/APDHA Spain
1850 2006-07-22 2 N.N. found on board of a rescued boat on way to Canary Islands (E) unknown Statewatch 0
1814 2006-07-21 1 N.N. (man) found on a boat with 43 survivors, arrived at the port of Los Cristianos, Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/ELM/FE/PICUM/APDHA Spain
1789 2006-07-18 1 Adams John (7 months, child) reportedly died of heart failure caused by hypothermia, after arriving to Fuerteventura (E) unknown PICUM/ELM/MNS/Statewatch/FE/NOB/APDHA Spain
1791 2006-07-16 1 N.N. (woman) suicide, asylum seeker detained at Foreigners’ Registration Crentre, Pabrade (LT) Russia MNS Lithuania
1776 2006-07-07 9 N.N. (1 child) bodies found on the coasts of Canary Islands (E) unknown APDHA Spain
1787 2006-07-07 3 N.N. (men) found when boat arrived on Tenerife (E), died by dehydration during crossing Africa PICUM/MNS/Statewatch/FE/EP/NOB/APDHA/jW Spain
1785 2006-07-06 3 N.N. (man,±30, woman,±3, ch) drowned, on way Canary Islands (E), found by fishermen off Cape Bojard (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/PICUM/LV/ICARE/APDHA Morocco
1773 2006-07-05 1 Abiy Fessfha Abebe (35, man) suicide, found hanged at Greenbank Drive Centre (GB) after asylum claim refused Ethiopia IRR/icliverpool GB
1786 2006-07-03 30 N.N. drowned, 26 found, 4 missing, shipwreck near El-Aiun (MA), way of Canary Isl. (E) Sub-Saharan Africa Vita/MNS/Picum/Statewatch/FE/ELM/IPL/NOB/AFVIC/APDHA/NYtimes/VK Morocco
1801 2006-07-03 3 N.N. died climbing border fence in Melilla (E/MA), reportedly one shot by border guards Sub-Saharan Africa Statewatch/FE/ELM/ICARE/VITA/PICUM/IPL/MP/NOB/AI/AFVIC/APDHA/jW/NYtimes Spain
1847 Jul 2006 11 N.N. died during attempts to reach Canary Islands (E) from Mauritanian coast Africa Statewatch 0
2103 Jul 2006 30 N.N. drowned, bodies washed up onto the Atlantic Ocean after a boat sank off Western Sahara Africa NYtimes 0
1798 2006-06-29 16 N.N. drowned, 3 found, 13 missing after shipwreck 200 km near El Aaiún (MA) way to E Morocco MNS/APDHA 0
1780 2006-06-27 2 N.N. found dead on a fishing boat with 266 survivors near the coasts of Malta on way to I unknown EB/Statewatch/FE 0 http://www.elmundo.es/suplementos/cronica/2006/582/1166914811.html
3150 2006-06-27 3 N.N. reportedly drowned on the way to Canary Islands (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM 0
1793 2006-06-26 5 N.N. (3 children, 2 adults) drowned after shipwreck, found by Turkish Coast Guard near Kusadasi (TR) unknown Statewatch/TP/NCAs Turkey
1765 2006-06-22 1 N.N. (±25, man) stowaway, died from heat exhaustion 2 weeks later found in roadside in Essex (GB) India BBC/PICUM/NOB/IRR/EADT GB
1784 2006-06-19 1 Majid Samari (37, man) suicide, found hanged in Asylum Centre in Hansthholm (DK) after asylum claim rejected Iran CPH/MNS/NR/UNHCR Denmark
1767 2006-06-12 1 N.N. (±25, man) stowaway, died from heat exhaustion in back of a truck in a roadside in Essex (GB) India BBC/essexchronicle/GuardianUn/PICUM/NOB/IRR/EADT GB
1766 2006-06-10 1 Oleksiy Baronovsky (34, man) suicide, kept in HMP Rye Hill (GB) waiting for deportation Ukraine NCADC/UNHCR/IRR GB http://www.repubblica.it/2006/05/sezioni/cronaca/sbarchi-lampedusa/dispersi-malta/dispersi-malta.html
1774 2006-06-09 11 N.N. drowned, 3 found, 8 missing, shipwreck caused by overcrowding near Malta (M) coast Africa LR/Le Monde/GuidaS/MNS/Statewatch/Reu/FE/NOB/Unipa/IntHeraldTribune Malta
1788 2006-06-06 1 N.N. (6, boy) drowned, with 22 on board after boat sank 2.5km of island of Samos (GR) Somalia PICUM/KI/NCAs/Statewatch/MNS/FE/NOB/TP Greece
1945 2006-06-05 1 N.N. body found on board of a boat near Cabo de Gata (E) Maghreb APDHA Spain
1800 2006-06-04 15 N.N. drowned, 1 found, 14 missing after boat capsized 111 miles off Malta’s coasts unknown FE/Statewatch/NOB/Unipa 0 http://elpais.com/diario/2006/01/21/andalucia/1137799325_850215.html
3117 2006-06-04 1 Cams (25) drowned trying to swim to Ceuta (E) Congo EP Spain http://elpais.com/diario/2006/01/21/andalucia/1137799325_850215.html
3118 2006-06-04 1 Joseph (28) drowned trying to swim to Ceuta (E) Congo EP Spain
1799 2006-06-03 4 N.N. (men) drowned, bodies found off the coast of Ragusa (I) unknown Statewatch/FE/NOB Italy
1782 2006-06-02 15 N.N. drowned after shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea unknown MNS 0
2757 Jun 2006 1 Dejere Kebede-Tulu (25, man) body found in his flat in London, one of best runners in GB, trained despite living on £25/w Ethiopia IRR/Telegraph/Independent GB
1826 2006-05-30 1 N.N. died in minefield crossing Turkish-Greek border Moldova IMK Greece
1950 2006-05-30 7 N.N. dead bodies repatriated from Spain to Morocco with other 433 migrants unknown APHDA Spain
1777 2006-05-19 42 N.N. (±25) stowaways, small truck crashed into parked trailer on highway near Osmaniye (TR) Afghanistan/Bangladesh FECL/IPL/Ya.N/PICUM/MNS/FE/TDN/NOB/AFP Turkey
1775 2006-05-18 7 N.N. found on boat caught up in storm near Sfax (Tunisia) on way from Libya to Italy unknown IPL/Statewatch/FE/Unipa Tunisia
1863 2006-05-15 1 Ese Elizabeth Alabi (29, woman) no medical treatment, got lower priority for heart transplant than GB citizens Nigeria IRR/BBC GB
1796 2006-05-13 37 N.N. 26 missing, 11 found mummified in boat drifting near the Caribbean on way to Spain unknown MNS/IRR/IPL/Statewatch/FE/EP/NOB/APDHA 0
2055 2006-05-13 1 Sivanthan Gowthaman (29, man) suicide, jumped under train, he lost work permit after refusal of asylum claim (GB) Sri Lanka Thenews/IRR Germany
1865 2006-05-11 1 Asif Azmad (17, man) reportedly stowaway hidden under vehicle, dead body found on A3 near Clanfield (GB) Afghanistan IRR GB
2008 2006-05-08 1 N.N. (57, woman) suicide, hung herself in fear of deportation in a detention centre in Neuss (Germany) China ProAsyl/PICUM/Hiergeb Germany
1797 2006-05-02 2 N.N. (men) drowned, 1 found, 1 missing, shipwreck near Kusadasi (TR) on way to Samos Isl. (GR) unknown Statewatch/IPL/MNS/NOB/Pravda/AFP Turkey
2177 May 2006 1 Seiny Dabo (man) died of starvation, boat found adrift after leaving from Cape Verde to Canary Isl. (E) Africa VK 0
2178 May 2006 1 Bouba Cisse (man) died of starvation, boat found adrift after leaving from Cape Verde to Canary Isl. (E) Africa VK 0
2179 May 2006 1 Diaw Sunkar Diemi (man) died of starvation, boat found adrift after leaving from Cape Verde to Canary Isl. (E) Africa VK 0
2180 May 2006 8 N.N. (men) died of starvation, boat found adrift after leaving from Cape Verde to Canary Isl. (E) Senegal/Guinee-Bissau/Gambia VK 0
1795 2006-04-27 1 S. D. (31, man) died of asthma attack in detention Center in Trajal, Ceuta (E/MA) awaiting expulsion Morocco Statewatch/FE/ELM/NODO50 Spain
1946 2006-04-25 1 N.N. (40, man) body found on the shore of El Tarajal (E) trying to arrive in Ceuta (E/MA) Algeria APDHA Spain
1947 2006-04-25 25 N.N. drowned after shipwreck near Kenitra (MA) trying to reach Spain unknown APDHA Morocco
1864 2006-04-23 1 N.N. (±24, man) stowaway, fell from a truck dragged a mile along A14, Cambridgeshire (GB) Asia IRR GB
2465 2006-04-14 1 Dominique Koumadio (woman) murdered, shot by the police during a street riot in Germany Africa Sparta Germany
1794 2006-04-04 34 N.N. drowned in shipwreck on way from Mauritania to Canary Islands (E) unknown Statewatch/FE/ELM/NOB/APDHA 0
2675 Apr 2006 1 Mohammed Yussif (28, man) drowned, shipwreck near Lampedusa (I), reattempt by one of deported ‘Cap Anamur 37’ Sub-Saharan Africa BorderlineEU Italy
2756 Apr 2006 1 Danielle Dominy (30, woman) suicide, drank antifreeze, feared to be separated from her daughter by immigration officials Brazil IRR 0
1948 2006-03-18 3 N.N. bodies found on the shore of Cabo Blanco (E) unknown APDHA Spain
1809 2006-03-17 13 N.N. (young people) missing, disappeared on way from El-Aaiun (MA) to Canary Islands (E) Africa Statewatch/AFVIC/APDHA 0
1745 2006-03-16 1 N.N. found by Guardia Civil near the port of Spanish north African enclave Melilla (E/MA) Sub-Saharan Africa Statewatch Spain
1729 2006-03-15 26 N.N. (men) drowned on way to Spain, bodies retrieved in the waters of Mauritania by Spanish ship Sub-Saharan Africa MAG/Statewatch/FE/ELM/NOB/APDHA/VK Mauritania
1742 2006-03-12 12 N.N. found dead on a drifting boat off Cape verde islands on way to the Canary Island. Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/PUB/APDHA 0
1860 2006-03-09 1 Naser Al Shdaida (36, man) suicide, under train in London (GB) fearing deportation after refusal of his asylum claim Syria IRR/Streathamguardian GB http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2006/03/06/sociedad/1141664041.html
1730 2006-03-07 45 N.N. drowned, 2 small boats capsized on way to Spain, one crashed with coast guard vessel Africa MAG/NRC/IND/Statewatch/FE/ELM/NOB/APDHA/MNS/INDd 0
1746 2006-03-07 3 N.N. stowaways, found dead on a lorry arrived in Bari (I) from Durazzo (AL) unknown Statewatch/LR/FE Italy
1747 2006-03-05 1 N.N. (man) drowned, shipwreck off Ahrax Point (M) on way to I, fled from Hal Far and Safi det.cr. unknown Statewatch/NOB Malta
1748 2006-03-05 9 N.N. reportedly drowned, shipwreck off (M) on way to (I), fled from Hal Far and Safi det.cr. unknown Statewatch/NOB/Unipa 0
1949 2006-03-04 1 N.N. drowned triying to reach the coasts of Tenerife (E) Gambia APDHA 0
1741 2006-02-22 16 N.N. found on a boat, died of hypothermia, starvation and epileptic crises on way to Spain Morocco AFVIC 0
1749 2006-02-22 4 N.N. stowaways, died of asphyxia, found on a ship arrived in Canary Isl. from Ivory Coast unknown Statewatch/MNS/APDHA Spain http://mayottesansfrontieres.blogspot.nl/2006/02/deux-affaires-de-kwassa-kwassa-7-morts.html
3098 2006-02-21 6 N.N. drowned, after a boat started sinking, 6 are missing, traveling from Anjouan to Mayotte Africa Mayotte sans frontires France http://mayottesansfrontieres.blogspot.nl/2006/02/deux-affaires-de-kwassa-kwassa-7-morts.html
3099 2006-02-21 6 N.N. (6 pregnant women) drowned, after a boat sank on its way to Mayotte from Anjouan Africa Mayotte sans frontires France
1905 2006-02-20 1 Yadav Krishnakumar (child) baby of asylum family died of dehydration in Fairfield Hospital (GB), no medical aid Sri Lanka Manchester GB
1740 2006-02-19 12 N.N. (11 young m., 1 young w.) drowned, after boat of 32 left from Jbel Boudinar (MA) and capsised off Almeria (E) Morocco AFVIC Spain
1750 2006-02-19 1 N.N. (25) drowned, dinghy carrying 6 Afghans sank off Chios (GR) on way from Turkey Afghanistan Statewatch/FE/KI Greece
1783 2006-02-19 2 N.N. drowned, pantera with 24 passengers capsized off Island of Alboran/Almeria (E) unknown MNS/Statewatch/APDHA/NOB 0
1751 2006-02-18 9 N.N. reportedly drowned, after shipwreck off the Libyan coast on way to Italy unknown Statewatch 0
1761 2006-02-15 1 N.N. (woman) frozen, died while crossing the Bulgarian-Greek border unknown Statewatch/MNS Greece
1762 2006-02-13 1 N.N. died of a shock after his cousin was beaten up by border guards in Patras port (GR) Afghanistan Statewatch/MNS Greece
1883 2006-02-10 1 Taufik Al-Karazeh (27, man) suicide, asylum seeker hanged himself in his flat in Rochdale (GB), fear of deportation Syria IRR/RochdaleObs GB
2331 Feb 2006 2 N.N. (±27, men) murdered, fell while crossing border Iran-TR, trafficker cut their throat as they couldn’t go on Pakistan witness (Sarfraz Ali Khan) Turkey
2332 Feb 2006 1 N.N. (±30, man) leg broken when running between Iran and TR, the group had to leave him behind Bangladesh witness (Sarfraz Ali Khan) Turkey