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Record number Date Number Name Cause of death Country of origin Source Country of death weblink
1744 Feb 2007 1 N.N. found aboard a vessel drifting off the coast of Western Sahara on way to Canay Isl. (E) Sub-Saharan Africa News24/NOB 0
1970 2007-01-30 1 N.N. (31, man) suicide, found hanged in his cell in Berne prison of Witzwil (CH) in fear of deportation Nigeria Vivre/Polbe Switzerland
2764 2007-01-29 1 Abass Usman (26, man) suicide, found hanged in his cell at Preston prison (GB), accused of using false documents Nigeria IRR GB
1743 2007-01-22 2 N.N. stowaways, found hidden under a coffin been trasported from in Kipoi (GR) unknown MNS/TP Greece
2437 2007-01-22 1 Samuel Peter Benjamin (17,man) stowaway, body found in plane’s wheel bay in Los Angeles (US), trying to reach London (UK) South Africa NOB/IRR GB
1951 2007-01-17 7 N.N. (6 men, 1 woman) drowned, 2 found, 5 missing boat from Turkey sank off the Samos island (GR) unknown KI/NOB Greece
1892 2007-01-15 1 N.N. (±25, man) stowaway, frozen in undercarriage of airplane from Gambia to Bruxelles (B) Gambia/Senegal AngolaPress/MNS/PICUM/Vivre Belgium
2653 2007-01-14 1 Mohammad Sillah (23, man) denied medical treatment, Remscheider refugee centre (D) refused to call ambulance Guinea Karawane Germany
1923 2007-01-01 3 N.N. starvation, 2 thrown overboard, 1 body found on a boat docked on Canary Isl. (E) Sub-Saharan Africa FE/ELM/MNS Spain
2107 In 2007 50 N.N. (men, women, children) died, smugglers forced them overboard to easily escape from Samos Coast Guard (GR) unknown GHM 0
2763 Jan 2007 1 Imran Yousaf (28, man) suicide, found hanged at friend’s home in Bedford (GB) after being denied a visa extension Pakistan IRR GB
1916 2006-12-31 33 N.N. (4 women) drowned, shipwreck near Algeria trying to reach Sardinia (I) Algeria LaN/FE 0
1934 2006-12-30 20 N.N. drowned, 9 found, 11 missing, 2 boats sank 60 km of the coast El-Aaiun (MA) way to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA/ABC Morocco http://www.abc.es/hemeroteca/historico-31-12-2006/Nacional/encuentran-los-cadaveres-de-nueve-inmigrantes-en-las-costas-de-el-aaiun_153694233938.html
3101 2006-06-29 9 N.N. drowned, after boat sank, bodies found 60 miles north of Laayoune Africa ABC Western Sahara
1931 2006-12-23 1 N.N. (young person) stabbed by MA police in Rabat, deportation operation to prevent migration to Europe Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA/ICARE Morocco
1955 2006-12-20 24 N.N. died of starvation, bodies thrown overboard, boat wrecked in Yoff (Senegal) on way to E Sub-Saharan Africa Reu./WSWS Mauritania
1918 2006-12-16 126 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing, boat capsized on way form Djiffer (Senegal) to Spain West Africa TimesM/IntHeraldTribune/CNN/NOB/Vita/NA/EP/PR/FE/MNS/APDHA/PICUM/WSWS/Reu/INDgb/jW/DS 0
1935 2006-12-14 5 N.N. died trying to reach Canary Islands (E), boat found near coast of (MA) Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA 0
1919 2006-12-13 1 N.N. drowned, boat with 29 survivors wrecked near Dakar (Senegal) way to Canary Isl. (E) unknown TimesM/IntHeraldTribune/PR/FE/APDHA/USAToday/MNS/NOB 0
1920 2006-12-13 3 N.N. died in hospital, boat wrecked near Dakar (Senegal) on way to Canary Islands (E) unknown TmesM/IntHeraldTribune/PR/FE/USAToday/MNS/APDHA/NOB Senegal
2102 2006-12-11 51 N.N. drowned after boat capsized near Seferihisar (TR) trying to reach GR coast Egypt, Syria, Palestine TDN/TP/Ya.D Turkey
1932 2006-12-10 1 N.N. drowned, after shipwreck near Restinga Smir (MA) trying to reach Ceuta (E/MA) Asia APDHA Morocco
1915 2006-12-09 1 N.N. (40, man) suicide on Detention Centre in Lamezia (I) waiting for deportation Bulgaria LR/PR Italy
1914 2006-12-06 1 N.N. died of dehydration and hypothermia, found in boat landed in Arguineguin (E) unknown NOB/Gaymengc/FE/ELM/TS/MNS/APDHA Spain
1924 2006-12-06 1 N.N. died of dehydration and hypothermia in hospital after boat landed in Arguineguin (E) unknown FE/ELM/MNS/APDHA/NOB/TySp/Gaymengc/TS Spain
1908 2006-12-04 3 N.N. drowned, missing, after boat carrying 29 sank off Turkey’s West coast, way to Greece Afghanistan/Mauritania TDN/FE/PR 0
1921 2006-12-03 1 N.N. shot by Moroccan border guard trying to cross the border fence in Melilla (E/MA) unknown eltelegramma/APDHA Spain
1933 2006-12-02 1 N.N. died of dehydration and hypothermia in hospital after boat landed in Tenerife (E) Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA Spain
2104 2006-12-02 102 N.N. drowned, shipwreck near Dakar sea due to stormy waters, they left from Senegal Sub-Saharan Africa PR 0
1922 2006-12-01 1 Kazim Kustul (22, man) suicide, hanged himself in Detention Centre in Marseille (F) waiting for deportation Turkey INDm/Vatan/PR/MNS/LaDep France
1928 Dec 2006 50 N.N. died of starvation thrown overboard boat landed on Yoff (Senegal) trying to reach E Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/APDHA Senegal
2100 Dec 2006 2 N.N. (men) stowaway, found in a truck in Ancona (I), suffocated by the gas-water in the truck Bosnia FE/LR Italy
1906 2006-11-30 1 N.N. found on boat with 15 survivors rescued by ARC sailing ship, way from Africa to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa YatchingWorld/FE/ELM/MNS/APDHA 0
1884 2006-11-26 20 N.N. (13 children) drowned, washed ashore after boat capsized near El-Aaiun (MA) on the way to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa AFVIC/MP/Reu/ELM/FE/NOB/News24/CNN/MNS/APDHA/PICUM/AFVIC/News24/ABC/Raz Morocco
1907 2006-11-26 24 N.N. (8 children) missing after boat capsized near El-Aaiun (MA) on the way to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa AFVIC/MP/Reu/ELM/FE/NOB/News24/MNS/APDHA/PICUM/AFVIC/News24/ABC/Raz Morocco
1953 2006-11-26 1 Naji Dohatem (30, man) drowned, young activist for human rights, boat sank near El-Aaiun (MA) on way to E Sub-Saharan Africa MP/ELM Morocco
1936 2006-11-21 1 Kone Watara (26, man) died in Ceuta (E/MA) hospital, accepted for 2 weeks after boat on way from MA sank Sub-Saharan Africa APDHA Spain
1885 2006-11-19 3 N.N. drowned, 1 found, 2 missing, boat capsized off Izmir’s (TR) coast on way to Greek Somalia/Palestine IntHerald/KI/FE/NOB Turkey
1926 Nov 2006 18 N.N. bodies thrown overborad, boat rescued by ARC sailing ship, way from Africa to Spain Sub-Saharan Africa MNS/APDHA/YatchingWorld 0
2762 Nov 2006 1 N.N. (±40, man) stowaway, died after being run over by the lorry he had been hiding under in Harlow (GB) Afghanistan IRR GB
1875 2006-10-27 6 N.N. drowned sailing to Spain from Wahran (Algeria) Algeria NOB/KUNA/FE/APDHA 0
1909 2006-10-27 1 Artur Aivazov (±40, man) suicide, after waiting for asylum claim for 8 years in NL, having psychological trauma Azerbaijan Voorvlucht/Oz Netherlands
1873 2006-10-24 4 N.N. (3 men,1 pregnant woman) drowned, 3 found, 1 missing shipwreck 8 miles from Malta on way from Libya to Italy Maghreb MP/MM/FE/Unipa/TimesM 0
2085 2006-10-12 1 Berrais Fethi (30, man) body found in advanced state of decomposition near the coast of Fouka (DZ) Tunesia QUOTI Algeria
2086 2006-10-12 10 N.N. (men) reportedly drowned, 9 missing 1 found advanced state decomposition near Fouka (DZ) Tunesia QUOTI Algeria
1861 2006-10-10 40 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing after boat sank near Cythera Island (GR) Afghanistan KI/MP/PICUM/ABC/FE Greece
1852 2006-10-08 1 N.N. (±20, man) stowaway, asylum seeker fell from a lorry in carriageway near Folkestone, Kent (GB) Iraq Mirror/BBC/IRR GB
1853 2006-10-05 24 N.N. drowned after their rubber boat broke up trying to reach Canary Islands (E) Maghreb APDHA/BBC/Guardianun/Aljazeera/PICUM/NOB/MNS/FE/ELM/jW 0
1881 Oct 2006 2 N.N. died on way to hospital after their boat capsized near Malta Sudan MNS Malta
1882 Oct 2006 3 N.N. reportedly drowned, found in advanced state of decomposition near Malta unknown MNS/FE Malta
2761 Oct 2006 1 Abdullah Ahmed Maroof (30, m) suicide, set himself on fire in his car in Stockton (GB), feared being sent back to Iraq Iraq IRR GB
1827 2006-09-26 9 N.N. drowned, 6 found, 3 missing, reportedly thrown into Turkish sea by Greek coastguard Middle East/North Africa SC/TP/FE/TDN/MNS/FR-BB/NOB/PICUM/PR/jW Greece
1845 2006-09-23 2 N.N. (woman, child) drowned, shipwreck caused by overcrouding 40 miles off Lampedusa (I) unknown LR/FE/IntHeraldTribune/NOB/PICUM/Unipa Italy
1938 2006-09-23 25 N.N. drowned, after their boat sank near Kenitra (MA) on way to Spain unknown APDHA Morocco
1876 2006-09-21 2 N.N. 1 found, 1 missing, body floating near Tarifa (E), set off with jet ski from Morocco Morocco NOB/APDHA Spain http://www.hoy.es/prensa/20060922/nacional/llegan-otros-indocumentados-hallan_20060922.html
3192 2006-09-21 1 N.N. drowned, body found on a beach near Balerma (E) Africa HOY Spain
1835 2006-09-17 1 N.N. (man) died of lack of medical care in police custody after his boat landed in Los Cristianos (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/FE/NOB/EITB24/PICUM/Kaosenlared/NODO50/APDHA Spain
1836 2006-09-17 13 N.N. drowned, 1 found, 12 missing after shipwreck 115 miles South West Malta way Italy unknown FE/LR/MM/NOB/Unipa 0
1838 2006-09-16 1 N.N. (man) body found in a boat with 56 survivors landed on Los Cristianos, Canary Islands (E) Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/FE/NOB/EITB24/APDHA Spain
1917 2006-09-12 250 N.N. missing, boat at the mercy of the waves sent SOS signal near Lampedusa (I) unknown ANSA/Unipa 0
1839 2006-09-10 2 N.N. died in minefield after entered in Vyssas area, in Evros (Greek/Turkish border) Kurdistan KI/FE/MNS/FR-BB Greece
1841 2006-09-09 17 N.N. (9 men, 5 women, 3 child.) died of starvation, thrown overboard drifting ship on the way from Libya to Italy Somalia FE/agrigentoweb 0
2034 2006-09-07 1 Eugene Ejike Obiora (48, man) asylum seeker strangled by a policeman in social welfare office in Trondheim (N) Nigeria MNS/NR Norway
1840 2006-09-05 2 N.N. drowned, bodies found on the beach of Torretta Granitola near Mazara del Vallo (I) unknown LR/FE Italy
1856 2006-09-03 1 N.N. (19, man) stowaway, fell in a field in Vivantes (F) from the wheelbay of a plane from North Africa Algeria MNS France
1925 2006-09-03 1 Janvier Makiadi (31, man) suicide, hanged under bridge, asylum claim refused (GB), known also as Paul Kiese Congo RochdaleObs/IRR GB
1937 2006-09-03 1 N.N. found near Los Ancones (E), body thrown overboard by boat landed in Lanzarote (E) Maghreb APDHA Spain http://www.repubblica.it/2006/08/sezioni/cronaca/sbarchi-lampedusa3/otto-morti/otto-morti.html
1828 2006-09-02 8 N.N. died of hunger and thirst, bodies thrown overboard during journey to reach Italy Eritrea/Somalia LR/FE/MNS/PICUM/Unipa/Repubblica 0
1842 2006-09-01 1 N.N. (±30, man) drowned, boat hit rocks near Chania (GR) on the way from Egypt to Italy Pakistan KI/FE/NOB Greece
1843 2006-09-01 3 N.N. (2 adults, 1 minor) died after been rescued off El Hierro, Canary Islands (E) after their boat sank Sub-Saharan Africa ELM/FE/MNS/NOB/Rawstory/PICUM/APDHA Spain
1862 2006-09-01 7 N.N. reportedly drowned, missing after boat sank near the coast of Crete Island (GR) unknown FE/FR-BB Greece
1846 2006-08-30 10 N.N. died in boat with 13 survivors, bodies thrown overboard during journey to reach Italy unknown LR/FE 0
1844 2006-08-29 132 N.N. drowned, 84 found, 48 missing, shipwreck near Mauritanian coast of Nouakchott Sub-Saharan Africa EP/FE/NOB/News24/MNS/GuardianUn/daz/FR-BB/APDHA Mauritania
1824 2006-08-28 1 N.N. (man) died of dehydration after been abandoned in Sahara desert by Moroccan authorities Mali MNS/Reu/FE/BBC/NOB Morocco
1815 2006-08-27 20 N.N. 15 found, 5 missing on Mauritanian coast, thrown overboard after died of dehydration Africa MNS/FE/EP/BBC/ELM/MAG/PICUM/CRIDEM/APDHA Mauritania
1939 2006-08-27 1 N.N. (man) died of dehydration, found on boat sailing from Mauritania to Canary Islands (E) Mali APDHA 0
1822 2006-08-26 1 N.N. (woman) body found on a vessel intercepted near the coasts of Malta unknown MNS/Unipa Malta
1940 2006-08-26 8 N.N. bodies found on ship on way from Senegal to Canary Islands (E) unknown APDHA 0
1807 2006-08-25 1 N.N. (±30, man) died of starvation during crossing, found in boat landed at Portopalo di Capo Passero (I) Eritrea ANSA/FE/LR Italy http://www.repubblica.it/2006/08/sezioni/cronaca/clandestini-lampedusa/sbarchi-25-08/sbarchi-25-08.html
3153 2006-08-24 3 N.N. (children) reportedly died on the boat on the way to Italy (I) Libya LR Mediterranean
1771 2006-08-20 28 N.N. (26 men, 5 women, 1 child) drowned, 6 found, 22 missing, dinghy capsized near the coasts of Lampedusa (I) unknown CDS/IM/MET/LR/FIEI/Statewatch/NOB/Newsaust Italy
1772 2006-08-20 1 N.N. (man) reportedly devoured by a shark after dinghy capsized near Lampedusa (I) unknown IM/LR Italy
1834 2006-08-20 1 N.N. (man) died after falling into the sea attempting to cross the Strait of Sicily unknown Statewatch/FE/Unipa 0
1768 2006-08-19 50 N.N. (4 women, 10 children) drowned, 12 found, 38 missing, boat collided with Navy ship near Lampedusa (I) Africa ANSA/CDS/BBC/IM/Reu/GuardianUn/MNS/FE/LR/Statewatch/PICUM/AFVIC/IPL/NOB/FR-BB/Unipa/DS/ORF Italy
1851 2006-08-19 30 N.N. drowned, bodies missing, boat sank off the coast of Lampedusa Island (I) unknown PICUM/AFVIC Italy
1829 2006-08-17 1 Zamira Sadigova (51, woman) suicide, jumped from her 11th floor flat in Knightswood (GB), in fear of deportation Azerbaijan TheHerald/IRR GB
1833 2006-08-17 3 N.N. found on a boat with 81 survivors rescued off Canary Islands (E) unknown Statewatch/FE/NOB/APDHA Spain
1877 2006-08-14 28 N.N. died of hunger and thirst on way from Senegal to Canary Islands (E) Africa NOB/APDHA/jW 0
1878 2006-08-14 1 N.N. died of starvation in Mauritania hospital after rescue operation on boat on way to Spain Africa NOB/APDHA Mauritania
1832 2006-08-12 28 N.N. died of starvation in boat instructed to change route by Spanish coastguard Africa Statewatch/ELM/FE 0
1941 2006-08-12 5 N.N. died of starvation: 4 thrown overboard boat on way from MA to E, 1 died in hospital MA Maghreb APDHA Morocco
2760 2006-08-12 1 Pierre Palmaba Kabamba (61, m) suicide, jumped from 5th floor of an induction centre for asylum seekers in Margate (GB) Congo IRR Netherlands http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2006/08/11/espana/1155297536.html
1819 2006-08-11 15 N.N. died of injures bodies thrown overboard, gas bottle explosion on ship from Dakar (SN) Senegal MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM/Boston/NOB/APDHA/DS Senegal http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2006/08/11/espana/1155297536.html
1820 2006-08-11 3 N.N. died of injures after gas bottle explosion, found on a ship from Dakar (SN) Senegal MNS/Statewatch/FE/ELM/Boston/NOB/APDHA Senegal
1831 2006-08-06 1 N.N. died in detention center in Bologna (I) sparking a revolt Morocco Statewatch Italy
1887 2006-08-06 1 N.N. (24, man) reportedly drowned, missing, fell from boat during repatriation leaving NL to Africa Africa VK Netherlands
1971 2006-08-06 1 Mohamed Aloui (33, man) found in Bologna det. cr. (I), overdose by anti-epileptic medicines, he wasn’t epileptic Tunesia MP/ADUC/SAP/AFFIT/GLOPRO/LESP/ILD Italy
1778 2006-08-05 1 N.N. (man) found by Local Police officer on beach of the Caleta del Mero (E) North Africa TS/APDHA Spain
1812 2006-08-04 2 N.N. (man) 1 thrown overboard, 1 found on boat with 66 survivors intercepted off Tenerife (E) unknown TS/ELM/FE/Statewatch/NOB/APDHA Spain
2007 2006-08-02 5 N.N. died in car accident trying to escape police in Germany after being smuggled from (CZ) China Berliner Ztg/MOZ/Tagesspiegel Germany