The Knocking project, running live since 2013, is engaged in a mailing campaign, joining the named and the unnamed victims on the list to their could-have-been representatives in the European Parliament.

Our vision is to send a letter of remembrance of all victims, each day of the year, covering as far back as these tragic incidents have been recorded, reminding politicians, elected representatives and representatives for institutions of power, that this is not a European Union in which we want to live. Who would you like to remind of the catastrophic consequences of European Policies?

Today 2018-08-14

we commemorate the death of the following:
In 2006, 28 people, N.N., from Africa, died of hunger and thirst on way from Senegal to Canary Islands (E) . (NOB/APDHA/jW).
In 2006, in Mauritania, N.N., from Africa, died of starvation in Mauritania hospital after rescue operation on boat on way to Spain . (NOB/APDHA).
In 2007, in Italy, 15 people, N.N. , from unknown, at least 15 people died, recovered from the sea near the island of Lampedusa (I) . (MNS).
In 2007, in Turkey, 2 people, N.N., from unknown, stowaways, died after truck carrying 34 migrants capsized near Yukari Bakracli (TR) . (Anatolian).
In 2007, 14 people, N.N., from unknown, bodies found by military pilots floating in sea near Lampedusa (I), wearing life jackets . (MAG/CDS).
In 2003, 5 people, N.N. (3 children) , from Iraq/Sudan/Somalia, drowned, trafficker made hole in boat on way from Ayvalik (TR) to Lesbos (GR) . ( Twee Vandaag ).


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